Among other things, design is a point of view.

The discipline of design is not confined simply by the world of interior design. Influences in fashion, architecture, film, art, theater, photography, travel and cuisine, and not too surprisingly, music all play into the designer's perspective. My point of view is one that is also influenced by history, culture, strong family connections, and by my clients.

So here lies my blog, dedicated to revealing the internal narrative that informs my perspective on design. I want to share with you my point of view on the fine art of creating a home ... of living with dedication to function and to beauty.

I hope you enjoy the read.

Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps. The sleeper must awaken.

Frank Herbert
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With lifestyles more relaxed these days and so much cooking taking place at home we thought a roundup of countertop appliances you will be using on repeat would be great. I don’t know about you but what I’ve been hearing lately is people are getting bored with their same old repertoire. Why not change thingsRead More (…)

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Get ahead of the game this year and avoid disappointment. Shortages and late deliveries are likely to be typical so we’ve prepared our list ahead of time. Chanukah comes earlier this year so if you partake in gift-giving for that occasion don’t be caught off-guard. Whatever occasion you celebrate you are sure to find aRead More (…)

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Holiday shopping is going to be different this year. Don’t let shortages and delays get in the way of making someone you love feel special. We are getting ready early and have some great selections to share with you. Have a look at our pre-selected favourites we are pretty sure will bring a smile toRead More (…)

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Mixing metals used to be one of those hard rules of design. It was a big no-no to change metals in the same room. Well, if you know anything about me you will likely know I am not a big fan of rules. They provide a good framework for decision making but are often aRead More (…)

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Seasons come and seasons go and along with them are the trends in fashion and interior design. Although most of you will know I am not a fan of jumping on the hot trends, instead I recommend sticking with classics, there’s nothing to say you can’t keep your room looking current without diving all theRead More (…)

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