Design trends come and go; as a rule, interior designers aim to steer clients clear of them. But it is still good to know the trends, so we don’t have our clients buy into a quickly fading look. After all, when trends begin to gain traction and hit magazines and retail stores, they’ve already been around for several seasons (or more).  Those inside the industry are already seeing the next big thing! 

But trends aside, when significant shifts in home décor start to catch our eye, we sit up and take notice. Take a look at five exciting trends in 2023…

1. Bold Florals

Boucle (the warm nubbly fabric that emerged in the mid-century) has been a strong trend for upholstery for a few seasons. This year, however, safe neutral coverings for sofas and sectionals are moving aside to make room for big, bold patterns. 

Florals and botanicals lead the way. We are seeing large-scale florals covering all the significant pieces of upholstered furniture, and frankly, it’s pretty exciting. Florals go big on sofas, armchairs, and all over the walls. This is an easy look to master, just pick up on the colours in the florals and run with them for the rest of the room and you will cinch the look!


2. Moody Kitchens

Step aside, all-white kitchens. Although classic white cabinetry will always remain timeless, designers are so over them after a flood of white kitchen-dominated Instagram. So we’re happy to embrace a new look. 

We see a shift toward darker, moodier kitchens. Warm woods, deep hues, patinaed metals, and texture define the cozy, luxurious look, and I am pretty happy about that! 

We love the warmth, the key element, and a desire to feel cocooned. Nail this look with warm wood-toned or rich painted cabinetry, natural stone countertops with lots of character, and luxe gold hardware with a suggestion of history. 

Stainless steel can look too harsh and industrial for this look, so opt for a panelled refrigerator if you can swing it. To pull off the look, balance dark, moody cabinetry with light countertops, backsplash, or wall colour (or all three) to soften the effect. Metallic accents act like jewelry to add soft sparkle and imbue a luxe feel.


3. Colour is Back

It’s not news that grey has faded in popularity and that we are embracing colour more. We see it used more assertively, covering walls and cabinetry in deep hues. Again, a reaction to a prolonged leaning toward grey, followed by a white and bright look that dominated, I am happy to see colour returning to the scene. The pull toward colour, tentative at first, has taken hold in a big way.

Although no one color is dominating interiors, there is definitely a shift toward bold, assertive color. While we have not seen warm colors embraced in past years, they add an extra punch of exuberant joy! Ochre, cinnamon, russet, vermillion, and spicy hues dominate. 

Cooler hues have also taken on a new assertiveness. Peacock blues, verdant greens even denim and indigo still have a place in this new landscape of color.

Just back from the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show for 2024, with an update: green is big. Apple green, grass green, chartreuse all have a place in kitchen design along with terra cotta, rose and burgundy. The color that is in, it seems, is your favorite color whatever that may be.

We are ready for it!


4. Maximalism 

Less a trend, and more of a lifestyle choice, maximalism is being embraced by recognized design leaders. Patterns on walls, clashing boldly with patterns on upholstery, or layers of repeated pattern give an energetic vibe. 

Layer it up and then keep on going is the mantra to get the look. Think of all the details you can embellish with and run with them. Fringe trim, buttoned down pleats, skirted furniture, contrast welting, and all the nail heads. Dress it up! Layer it up. Vintage pieces will help you rock the look. This style isn’t just about things that are brand new and shiny. 


5. Bold Personality—Yours!

Accents and styling can transform a space from a showroom to your home. The best way to add personality is with quirky accessories, artwork, and accents. Vintage finds, and family treasures all come together to add heaps of character. 

What we see more of in accent furniture and accessories are pieces that reflect a global marketplace that tells of a well-travelled life, but also pieces that have a hand-made or hand-finished aesthetic as though you purchased them from a local artisan.    

One-of-a-kind pieces give your home an eclectic curated look that makes a home feel like your home.

Making a home feel unique and meaningful is a process that takes time. So don’t feel like you need to run out and fill your home with a store-bought aesthetic. It will never reflect your own unique, quirky style. The only thing that will do that is you, so check out these 3 steps to identify your unique, personal design style!


Want expert advice on designing a timeless home perfect for you? Reach out, and let’s chat.

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