Here today, gone tomorrow are the fleeting trends of many retail showrooms. Interior design has become more fickle than ever. With this kind of trend turnover, it may feel like you need a trained eye to determine what will have staying power, which fresh looks will become the new classics, and what will go down as the next design cliché.

What if I told you a secret? Listen up. You don’t need to worry about any of that. None. Of. It.

A few months back, I talked about creating a home you love. In order to do this, you need to attempt to ignore the trends and let what you love guide you.

Designs You Love

It can be difficult to determine what you love when there is always something new out there. I’m sure many have a few impulse purchases in their basement that were meant to transform their home into the chicest  one on the block. Oh the pressure! Some of these “trends” end up in design purgatory known as fads — SO short-lived they don’t last long enough to be a trend.

What I recommend is pick an area of design or decor you love, and start your planning there. If colour is your thing, then have fun with colour. Go bold with your walls, or invest in a beautiful vibrant couch. Let one of these first design decisions lead the way for the others.

A great example is my wedding ring. It’s been on my finger for TWENTY years! When we picked, silver had been the going trend for years but gold is more flattering with my skin tone. See the dilemma? A trend competed with what suited me best. Not wanting it to look dated, I found I liked the way white gold contrasted together with yellow gold – IN ONE PIECE! Mixing metals was not ‘a thing’ then but it just suited me.

coco chanel quote


Another instance, as an art lover, I am very comfortable with the gallery feel of white walls. When everyone was painting their homes warm neutrals and jumping on the ‘Tuscan brown trend’, I painted all the walls in my home gallery white – straight out of the can white! Today, white and bright is the hottest trend going. I still love it quite a few years later, because it is the right solution for my home. It was a bonus that what is classic and comfortable to me became a trend.

Turquoise and aqua are colours that I never get tired of.


SOURCE | Rebecca Yale Photography

So what do I glean from this, when it comes to creating a home? I tell people to follow your heart with a few guidelines to help bring it all together.

Stay with classics

The little black dress rule of fashion applies here. Pick timeless items with stylish clean lines for your investment pieces. You can accessorize for the season or the occasion — and you should! It’s fun!

Resist the accessory du jour

Does that phrase make you think of faux taxidermy, birch tree wallpaper, or starburst mirrors? That’s exactly what should come to mind. If none of those kept your attention for longer than a week, think of pieces, styles or spaces that you’ve always loved. Maybe you have a quirky collection, hobby, or interest that has been in your life for years. This could be a collectible display that reflects your taste and style. This will be unique and a great conversation grouping no-one else has.

Use trends sparingly

When you just can’t resist bringing in what’s hot and trendy, choose small pieces like accents and accessories. You don’t need to miss the fun entirely!

Creating a home takes time so don’t be in a hurry to fill every corner.

My goal is to make your home beautiful and to bring you joy for a very long time – not just for the upcoming birthday party or decorating for a holiday event you are hosting. If you’re in a hurry, it almost guarantees you will be heavily influenced by the season’s trends and the look will be over before you have had time to really appreciate it.

Give the look of your home time to evolve for a more thoughtful, collected result you will love for a long time.

A final note on trends, here’s a colour palette I always find myself circling back to (below), yet coral hasn’t been in fashion for quite some time. It’s been on my mind without being in fashion.

red room with decorative wall art, white patterned rug, red patterned armchair, white couch

Source | CR Lane

So be patient. Give yourself time to reflect as you go through this process. Transforming a house into a home can happen over a lifetime. The trends will come and go but your favourite pieces, when shown in a flattering context, will never leave their special place in your heart. If you ever need help, I am here.