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Recently divorced and the new owner of an all-white condo, Judith became my partner in design and we embarked on a journey to create my nest. The project was multi-faceted-lighting plan; construction; painting; wallpaper; tiling; custom drapery and upholstery and overall design… Read more

Judith coordinated all aspects of the project and sourced and brought in skilled contractors and tradespeople. The budget for the project was fluid, but Judith can assess value and was practical and pragmatic in eliminating things that were not necessary. The design aspects were collaborative and efficient - Judith is a good listener and she whittled down the choices to a manageable number and were consistent with what I had described as my style and aesthetic. She gently nudged me towards patterns and palettes that I would not have found on my own but in the end resulted in a beautifully curated home with each room slightly different but still all flowing together. Judith's attention to detail is high and she takes great interest and pride in the little things like trim on pillows and window coverings that make the final product very custom and unique. I am delighted with the end result - it is me with a twist! I have a foundation to build on and most importantly I have a nest that I love to come home to and share with friends and family. Close


We used Judith’s services for a kitchen and dining room renovation. We were very pleased with the final result. So pleased in fact that we were originally renovating to sell and then changed our minds and decided to stay! There were a few other deciding factors in our decision to stay of course but the beautiful new… Read more

kitchen was the kicker. Judith was always very professional and a pleasure to work with. She transformed our outdated and cluttered kitchen into a gorgeous user friendly space. And she respected our limited budget. That was hugely appreciated! Judith also stopped by the house often to see the progress of the work and kept us well informed as to what needed to be addressed next. She was punctual and reliable and a great problem solver. An example of her problem solving skills was when we noticed that our kitchen ceiling was higher than our dining room ceiling. She suggested that we add a "faux beam" with spot lighting instead of ripping down the ceiling and rebuilding it. This solution not only looked amazing but also saved us a ton of money and grief. So we can honestly say that using Judith Taylor Designs was money well spent. We highly recommend Judith's services and would use her again for a future renovation in a heartbeat. Close


Judith is amazing!!! I asked Judith to help me design my living room, which is quite large and has all sorts of lighting, spatial and flow challenges (it’s an old house, and I don’t want to gut it in favour of an entirely new layout). She has taken on these challenges with enthusiasm, imagination and flair… Read more

I engaged her design expertise in order to allow this difficult room to blossom, and I am incredibly pleased with the result. Judith has taken considerable time to work with me to figure out what I want from this space, in my case, balancing everyday needs (e.g., what to do with the TV) with entertaining (e.g., having enough seating for guests) with design (i.e.., working a design in a way that both everyday and entertaining needs are met in an aesthetically pleasing was). She has given me advice on everything from layout to furniture to colour palette; she had helped me develop my own aesthetic for the room so that I can make decisions about specific design features, e.g., carpets, furniture and art (I had several large pieces that needed to be part of the design plan). I strongly recommend Judith. She has managed to balance her aptitude for design with her willingness to listen in ways that I didn't think possible. I will, most certainly, be asking her back when I embark on my next project. Close

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