My first trip to KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) was an eyeful! We started the day with our comfy shoes on, and for a good reason! There was so much to see, and we walked all day but it was worth it! KBIS is full of innovative, striking, beautiful products and sometimes downright silly items, but that’s how the design process works. 

KBIS showcases the latest and greatest, and then product developers take input from the industry and inspiration from wherever it strikes and brainstorm new ideas. From there, the more practical items trickle down to the general market for use, while others go back for a rethink and often find their best purposes elsewhere.

I found two great product lines I’d like to share with you today, COMPAC SURFACES, a countertop material (that also has much broader applications), and WESTLAKE ROYAL BUILDING PRODUCTS, a lineup of building products to make your home stand out on the block. 


We have seen how popular quartz countertops are, and every brand has a look-alike of one another’s products. Compac, on the other hand, is doing something different and has a unique approach resulting in a stand-out product line. 

Compac Surfaces prides itself on innovation, imagination, and has an eye on sustainability, which captured my attention. Of course, they have a lineup of quartz and terrazzo products suitable for countertops, but it only begins there! 

A company’s values are essential when I look at a new vendor or brand. A product has to offer more than functionality and aesthetic. Compac checked all the boxes. They look to the future, and their aesthetic product design conveys that.

They have a beautiful new line of terrazzo which has an old-world feel while still looking fresh and modern. Their quartz line stopped me in my tracks. It is unlike anything we have seen before. Thanks to its composition and development, it has a high performance and strength which also makes it ideal for outdoor use.

Beautiful Countertop Options for Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Here are just a few of my favourite examples:

Ice Max Black

Compac is doing some exciting things in their surfaces collection, but Ice Max Black quartz, one of the beautiful creations by artist Arik Levy inspired me the most. Compac pulls inspiration from nature, and the designs contain beautiful movement and incredible depth we haven’t seen before in quartz surfaces. 

Arik Levy wanted to create the feeling of walking on ice evoking an awareness of vulnerability and stability and solidity and fluidity simultaneously. This beautiful collection brings a luxe richness to the landscape of surfaces.



Compac also dazzled me with its collaboration with architect and designer Elisa Ossino. While terrazzo may not be new, this use and interpretation have a fresh, updated look and versatility. This material increases traditional terrazzo’s performance with improved resistance, making it an all-terrain material suitable for all types of surfaces, especially indoor and outdoor applications. 

Used in this on-trend curved form, Ossino has designed an outdoor countertop with shapes that evoke the volumes of classicism. The piece, sculpted from a single 992 lb. block creating a sculptural effect, represents the central piece of the composition that the Italian designer has created.

Compac’s commitment to collaboration with artists, aside from the beauty of the products, is one of the reasons I found their line a compelling choice for two of my design picks at the show.



While discussing construction and renovation products, another new-to-me find was Westlake Royal Building Products was another new-to-me find.

Some builders think of siding, roofing, and trim as an afterthought. But well-designed homes utilize the materials as part of the design. They use the materials and ideas as inspiration, not just decorations to be added as an afterthought. The home has a more cohesive look to the overall design when you approach the exterior this way. 

Westlake Royal Building Products has a great lineup of products. Their extensive collections include interior and exterior trims, cladding (think shiplap, nickel gap, and board and batten), exterior siding, and roofing products to last a lifetime (finish your roof once and done!).

Their products are well-thought-out with ease of installation and low maintenance in mind. For example, their poly-ash siding is unlike any other exterior siding. It has the versatility and toughness to stand up to extreme weather, ground contact, and damage from (ugh) bugs.


I was delighted, to see some new and exciting products that are breaking new ground in the design industry. You will see more of this kind of innovative thinking in the future.

If you’re planning a new build or renovation, let’s chat! I’d love to help you design a home with beautiful materials that genuinely reflects you.

Until next time,