My first trip to KBIS was overwhelming, a ton of fun, and exhausting! As you saw in my previous post, we packed comfy shoes and planned our outfits from there. We covered a lot of exhibits in a very short time!

The following three sponsoring brands brought a unique addition to the design landscape: SKS Appliances, Ballerina Küchen, and Mr. Steam. These three outstanding brands are moving the needle for what we can expect a kitchen and bathroom to do for us. Check them out!

Innovative Kitchen Additions with SKS Appliances 

SKS Appliances is a forward-thinking company focusing on innovation and precision for the ‘modern technicurean’. This progressive approach is so much more than idle marketing-speak. SKS truly layers in luxury and thoughtful details in every one of its products, and integrated technology leads its design. 

For example, they offer the industry’s only range that has a built-in sous-vide cooking element delivering restaurant-quality cooking precision. 


Their ovens come equipped with air fryer capability to replace the nuisance of another clunky countertop appliance.

Undercounter microwaves clear off countertops and make for a clean look in your kitchen design. They are also ADA compliant, and as a short person, I am really looking forward to having one of these in my next kitchen reno (stay tuned on that). With a 1.2 cubic feet capacity for your favorite casserole dishes and a smooth, easy-touch automatic drawer system cuts down on spills. In addition, the SmoothTouch™ glass controls make it easy to clean!


In refrigeration, they have integrated refrigeration columns and freezers with a wine column which is sure to be the envy of your oenophile friends. Its smart technology can scan a wine bottle label, catalogue it, store it at optimal temperature.

Then, when you’re ready for a glass, it tells you exactly where the bottle is in the fridge. Additionally, when you’re ready to pour, the app will reveal the region, varietal, and winery while also suggesting foods to pair it with! What’s not to love about that? 


Wellness & Luxury Products with Mr. Steam

Steam is more than a luxury; it’s a wellness way of life. We were surprised to learn about the countless benefits of adding a steam shower to your home. Here are just a few benefits:

  • Assists with anti-aging
  • Promotes a summer glow year-round
  • Helps maintain clear skin 
  • Enhances muscle recovery 

Sleep quality has a massive impact on our daily lives and well-being. Adding steam to your routine can promote deeper, more restful sleep. If you haven’t considered a steam shower addition to your home, it may be time to reconsider.


Breathe better with scent and shift your state of mind from overwhelmed to bliss. Smell affects your mood and can reset your mental state almost instantly. Imagine your steam bath infused with invigorating, aromatic fragrances like eucalyptus, lavender, or mint. Whatever your desired mood, the AromaSteam System is an effortless and effective way to infuse aromas into your steam shower and your life.


However you like it, Mr. Steam is a great way to shed the day’s worries and reset your mood to relaxation.

Sleek Kitchen & Bathroom Details with Ballerina Kuechen 

European styling hasn’t taken off yet in North America, at least with my clients, but I think it is ready to make headway into our market with this launch. Sleek details defined the look of their KBIS display, but they showed us that sleek doesn’t need to feel cold or sterile. Just the opposite. Their stylish display kitchen made us want to run home and redo our kitchens. 

The touch-latch opening, fully lined interiors, and countless features and configurations made it easy to see why this was such a popular exhibit.


Gorgeous styling in this kitchen look. 


One feature I liked was this display cabinet. With slim glass shelves, a wood-grained interior, and cleverly integrated lighting, it showcases favourite pieces giving them the importance they deserve. It is a beautiful way to showcase your collectibles or pretty dishes adding a dressy note to the kitchen. Ballerina Kuechen really takes the concept of kitchen furniture to heart. As you can see here, this was one of my show picks.


There were just so many features. Please check out their Instagram feed to get a glimpse! With features galore, they have a lovely kitchen collection I can’t wait to see more of.

Are you ready to renovate your kitchen and add some of these luxurious amenities to your home? Let’s chat!

Until next time,