Statement pieces in your guest room should draw the immediate attention of everyone who enters the room. These are pieces of decor that stand out and shout what your aesthetic is about. This is about more than choosing an area rug or loud piece of art; it’s about setting the tone for your overall decorating.

You can build a theme around a statement piece, but they can also command attention while standing apart. Obviously, the piece will vary on the room you are decorating, and here we’ll be discussing guest rooms.

As far as guest rooms go, you want a comfortable, inviting space. Your guests should be able to relax and enjoy themselves, so your statement pieces should fit that theme. There’s still a lot of room for aesthetic expression within the realm of comfort, as you’ll soon see.

My standard disclaimer: Please note, some of these items may be offered through affiliate links which means I could get a small commission if you order. That will never influence what I find lovely and want to share with you. I always offer suggestions I would buy for my home or recommend to a client. Also, rest assured it won’t affect the price you would otherwise pay.

Use functional statement pieces

One place to make a statement is with pillows and furniture. These items can stand out, look incredible, and still be wonderfully comfortable to lounge on.

Auburn Club Chair, Miles Talbott

This club chair would look dashing in the corner of your guest room, giving your friends a place to relax. The clean, buttoned-down exterior fits any space without cluttering it up, despite its large, welcoming size.

Mind your dimensions

While an oversized chair isn’t a problem in most cases, it’s worth noting that you should keep size in mind when choosing a statement piece. While the point of this type of decor is to catch people’s attention, if the piece is gigantic it can send the wrong message. Keep proportions in mind when you’re crafting your room’s aesthetic.

Similar impact can be made with some carefully chosen throw pillows.

Guest Room Throw Pillows

These gorgeous pillow covers come in both lumbar (rectangular) and square shapes, but both will add a lovely hit of character. I’m particularly in love with the coastal blue, but all three options are divine. These would look lovely in a room with an otherwise subdued color scheme.

Thibaut Asian Scene pillows

Scenic pillows add a little curiosity to your design, something to catch the eye and keep it entertained for a second. These beautiful cushions tell a story in deep blue and Kelly green, something different and fun. And they’re very comfortable, too.

Acanthus Linen Applique Pillow covers

Bold is the name of the game here, and these pillows pop with color. The bright velvet appliques contrast with the crisp linen design and would draw all attention to whatever surface they adorned.

Campania Medallion pillow cover

Similar in contrast and brightness to the prior pillows, these covers by Serena and Lily demand to be seen. They’re bright and beautiful without being loud and garish.

Accent with lighting

Boring lighting should be left in the past – illuminate your house with chandeliers, pendants, and gorgeous table lamps. Because lighting pieces already serve an indispensable function and automatically draw attention, they’re a great place to add flair.

When deciding on lighting design, consider irregular shapes, stained glass, or artistic shades for table lamps and pendants. There are so many options to diversify the look of your lighting that you have no excuse for boring lamps.

Sierra Buffet Light by Visual Comfort

Table lamps provide soft light to a cozy space like a guest bedroom, providing a nice spot to relax and read. They’re often understated, but this piece is anything but. The base mimics petrified wood, is irregularly shaped, and clad in gild, burnished silver, or white plaster. This is a statement piece that will draw in everyone’s attention.

Brass Ring Table Lamp by Serena and Lily

This lamp is understated in its color and size, but it makes up for it with the use of negative space. The interior is open, making it uniquely suited for display. Consider putting a piece of art behind it, so that it frames one detail of the painting from a certain angle.

It’s will look amazing on any desk, truly creating a fun experience for your guests.

Don’t be afraid of irregularity

Your rooms don’t necessarily need to match perfectly. Though you want some uniformity or clear design path, too much matching can be boring. Modern design is a perfect example of blending elements into something that feels correct, inviting, and beautiful. Irregular, showy, or bright statement pieces can be just as at home in a guest room as understated pieces that “match”.

The difference is that highly unique pieces command attention and will leave your guests remembering that room well into the future. Some of the best statement decor that really pull the eyes is art. You can say a lot with a powerful work of art, and it doesn’t need to fit any kind of pattern or style. Good art stands on its own.

Guest Room Artwork Ideas

This piece lives up to its name – Quietly Alive – with bold contrasts and curves that give the impression of movement. It would look go in almost any guest bedroom, providing a much-needed pop of excitement. It would fit especially well in an office-guest room combination space!

Light in the Dark

Light in the Dark also offers a powerful contrast but provides a fresh spray of color as well. This is a great piece for matching different colors and textures in a room, as it has a great combination of both.

Let guest room statement pieces speak for themselves

Often we want our decor to match seamlessly, whether it be by period, design aesthetic, or colors. Statement pieces are made to stand out, even in a bedroom. They don’t need to be loud or out-of-place, but you should let them stand on their own.

Do not feel the need to sculpt a room around your statement decor, but also don’t choose your statement piece based on your aesthetic. Find a piece that speaks to you and let it do the talking to your guests as well.

Don’t be afraid of irregularity – this can really make a piece pop.

If you make your statement piece a particularly compelling lighting fixture, you’ll be certain your guests will notice. Lamps as centerpieces also pull double duty with function and fashion combined.

Comfort can also be a focal point of a room – don’t be afraid to let your furniture or pillows make a statement.

Whatever you choose, it should be an expression of your personality, and something you truly love. Your guests are sure to love it, too.