As we head into a new year, we always look forward to sharing with our readers some insight into what the new year might bring. Having said that, this year, I don’t think I will get out my crystal ball. If last year is any indication, unpredictability is a theme I just cannot fight.

Despite that, it has been a challenging year and I want to reflect on some of the changes we have seen and share a few things we have learned along the way.

Looking Back at 2021

ship with shipping containers

2021 has taught us some important lessons. The biggest is the value of the place we call home. For most of us, home is a place to find comfort after a day in the hustle and bustle of the work-day. But this past year has separated many of us from a regular work-place, as well as from loved ones. Social gatherings and activities that provide an escape from the doldrums at the least, and joy at the best of times were off the table. It was a year with many delays, short-supply notices and shipments that went missing, and a painful shortage of trades and contractors.

Somehow, projects continued. In my firm, we completed more projects with zoom calls and remote meetings than we ever thought possible. Samples showed up at the door regularly and we were very excited to see the deliveries arrive. Many homes were transformed, with a brush with beauty and we are grateful for those of you who put your trust in us.

A Peek at 2022 Goals

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2022 is starting off much the same way 2021 did. As the saying goes, we make plans while God laughs! Holiday celebrations were small, and we learned the joy of smaller moments, and smaller gatherings.

Our goals for the upcoming year are on the books (written in pencil) and we are building a new and exciting launch we know you will find very helpful. It is top secret for now, but you will hear more about it once it takes shape and we have more to tell.

On the personal front, I aim to be more dedicated in my attempts to carve out a more inspiring work-place at home, as well as a home exercise room. The nearby boardwalk is great when the weather is good but I need an indoor space when it is too hot, too wet, too cold (cue the excuses). Without the transition-time of commuting from work to home, there isn’t the needed break to switch tasks and I find it is so easy to always be working. The work-life balance is so much harder when going to work in the morning is as simple as logging onto the computer in my pj’s with a cup of coffee in the morning.

I have also made a vow to do more reading, and by that I mean fiction – pure escapism. Reading doesn’t really count as leisure when it is yet another “how to improve your (insert goal)”, and just churns me into action yet again. Do tell in the comments below if you have ready anything you have really enjoyed.

How We Can Support You in 2022

photo of designer working with home-owners showing drawings and paint swatches

With the shipping delays, we are sourcing more than ever before from North America suppliers, and working with our local furniture and cabinetry makers. These are much more reliable than buying from off-shore suppliers and the quality is much better!

We have a full ladder of services to offer you support with your home projects in 2022. From our many informative blog posts, to one-time consultations to ask all of your pressing questions, up to full room designs, done either with you, or for you, we like think we can offer something for everyone. Feel free to reach out if you want help achieving your home project goals.