5 Home Upgrades to Increase Your List Price and Ensure a Swift Sale

Selling your family home can be a stressful time. You’ve made memories there and celebrated holidays there. We get it! But decisions have been made. It is time for a change, whether upsizing, downsizing, or you’ve just grown restless.

In the upheaval of a move, it is easy to overlook your home’s less appealing traits that your eyes have grown accustomed to.

When it’s time to sell, your realtor will likely advise you to stage your home. Getting it ready to appeal to a broader audience is the job they do best. However, many homeowners need to bring in a designer before that step to make sure you maximize your ROI when selling. 

That’s where we come in. We have seen it all, and I mean the good, the bad, and the ugly. Some updates are non-negotiable, and others can be easily left for the new owners. 

Make the most of your assets to maximize the resale value of your home with these tips… 

1. Always Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

First up, a fresh coat of paint is non-negotiable. So for a place that looks well-kept, this one step will make the difference between your place looking fresh and new rather than drab and dingy. 

House-hunters will notice the care you put into your home, and a fresh coat of paint will go a long way towards showing that your place is well-maintained. 

coffee table styling with off-white walls

2. Improved Light Fixtures

The one thing that will date your home fastest is those dodgy-looking light fixtures. You know the ones! Boob-lights, bug catchers, amber glass, and anything that looks like it came from the local home-restore centre. 

Update your light fixtures to something crisp, clean, and classic that will please a broad audience. Simple generic selections work best. Remember, the goal is not to pick unique special pieces. Instead, you want to appeal to a broad general audience.

In the words of a realtor I have worked with, your target client is “Skippy, the dog”. When making selections, don’t pick the prettiest stuff you can find. No high-minded stylish pieces that some might love, but others would turn their noses up at. “Keep it simple” is your mantra. 

3. Remove Dated Traits

History yields a patina that can be lovely, but age gives scratches and dents. Know the difference!

The 1970’s homes featured pass-through windows from the kitchen when moms were dividing their time between jobs outside the home and housekeeping duties. The 1980s were the decade of glass blocks and wide corner jacuzzi tubs. 

Every home has characteristics that mark the era when they were built. But not every home-seeker will appreciate your home’s heritage through your eyes. So update, update, update! Remove signs of a by-gone-era with a fresh current aesthetic, and your listing photos will stand out. 


4. Only Renovate to Add Livable Space or Utility

Sometimes adding space is the answer. This is a question specific to your home and best answered by your realtor, but more is more when it comes to real estate if the investment makes sense!

If adding liveable space outside the footprint of your home isn’t in the budget, look at how you are using space within the home. For example, can a study or den be staged as another dedicated bedroom for listing? Can the basement be cleaned up to provide play space for the kids or a tv space for the family? Look for opportunities within the exterior walls to repurpose space and maximize value.


5. First Impressions Matter

First impressions matter, so make it look professional! Curb appeal still wins over many home-seekers. First, create a welcoming greeting with immaculate landscaping to set the tone. Next, ensure the trim, door, and exterior paint are in good repair. Finally, don’t overlook the front entry accessories: lights, house number, and mailbox. New upgrades will show you care. Those little things will go a long way to winning a sale.

Professional photography will give your home’s best impression online, where buyers look first. Talk to your realtor about that when you are ready to list.

Bonus Tip: Get a Professional Opinion

Hint: spruce up the laundry room to win over busy moms. Make sure your kitchen is fright-night ready! Dingy bathrooms are an opportunity for an update. A designer can help you see how to get the most bang for your buck, and it will pay off with a fast sale!

Walk through your home with a critical eye and try to see how it appears from a new viewer’s eyes. Replace anything that seems tired or dated for a winning impression.

If you’re ready for an expert’s opinion (no sugarcoating), we would be happy to help!