When someone comes to your home, their first impression will be very meaningful. We can tell a lot about people from the style of homes at a glance. Do they love colour and embrace a cacophony of pattern on pattern, or do they surround themselves with a carefully edited serene look, for example?

Learning to understand your personal style can be fun and the more you understand your style, the fewer “mistakes” you will make on purchases that just don’t work out. The best part? There is no right or wrong answer – just have fun discovering.

Step 1: Gather Inspirational Photos

The best way to get clear on your own personal style is to look at a lot of photos and save the ones that resonate with you. Don’t overthink it at this first phase. If it catches your eye, save it.

Tear out magazine pages and keep them in a file, or better yet, set up an online account with Houzz or Pinterest where a lot of inspiration and ideas are shared. In Pinterest, you can create a board for each room you are working on, so this is a good platform for organizing things. This step will be invaluable whether you are a DIYer or whether you will work with a design professional.

Having lots of visual input is key to clarifying and communicating your style. We like Instagram best for this. It is a great place to find professional spaces, and the app has a feature where you can create files – one for each room if you’d like.


Step 2: Look for Common Threads in Images

The next step is to go through the inspiration you have gathered and look for common elements. You will find that a hierarchy develops as you compare one image to another- certain things will stand out. They may be styles or colour schemes that you continue to be drawn to.

If you do not typically pay close attention to design elements, expect some growth as you begin to see things you never noticed before. Some of the first images you gathered will please you less as your taste develops. Don’t worry- this is all part of the process.


Step 3: Focus on Images that Stand Out

Finally, it is time to narrow things down start getting specific. Edit out any images that caught your eye at first glance but that you no longer feel drawn to. Try and discipline yourself to choose 1-3 key images that really stand out for you. You may want to narrow your selections for your entire home, or for each room. Then it is a matter of comparison. By comparing subsequent inspiration to the key images, you will start to see what matters to you the most.


Embracing Your Style

The best way to start is to jump right in. Even if you don’t think you have a personal style, similarities will begin to develop and patterns will start to emerge. One of our favourite things to do is style development for homeowners (you can start here with our Style Quiz). We will help you to understand your innate personal style.

Believe it or not, a lot of good information comes from your closet. We notice whether you like to wear solid colours or patterns, bright colours or subdues hues, tailored styles or whether you have a flair for boho-chic fashion. It all adds up to a look that is your unique style.

Ready to start planning your one-of-a-kind dream space? Let’s chat!