A well-designed breakfast nook is a great way to utilize space adjacent to your kitchen. Even if you’re not a fan of breakfast as a sit-down meal, a nook can provide a calming oasis for coffee and quiet reflection. Cozy booths and informal banquettes make for comforting mornings with the family.

On the other hand, a breakfast nook can be fashionable and still just as inviting. How you use lighting, colors, furniture, and even dishware can create a space that’s uniquely yours. Let’s take a look at some popular design elements for breakfast nooks and how even just a few changes can elevate these small, cozy spaces.

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Breakfast nook furniture

One of the hallmarks of the breakfast nook is a sort of informality that draws you in. Cushions and benches are classic pieces that exemplify comfort and relaxation. You can, however, maintain a crisp, minimalist aesthetic while enjoying the fun of benched seating.

Bench seating

A lovely bench leaves room for more people. You don’t have to compromise style here.Have a look at the Taj White Leather Strap Dining Bench and order here. It can be ordered with light or dark strapping.

Taj White Leather Strap Dining Bench (Open Larger View)

Linon Barnett backless breakfast nook bench

Another option for a corner nook, this backless bench pairs well with wood finishes and hot coffee. And, like my other favorites on this list, it hides a fantastic amount of extra storage space.

Breakfast Nook Storage Pieces

This display/bookshelf can do double duty in the kitchen. Buy one ore pair two together for some display and clsoed storage for the breakfast nook. Keep cereal boxes within reach but out of sight – it’s a win/win!

Vertex Closed Bookcase (Open Larger View)

Try a Banquette

If you’re looking for something a bit more cozy, this mid-century-inspired 3-piece banquette is perfect. Made of woven linen in 6 color choices, you’ll find it easily matches your style. What’s even better is that the piece is modular, meaning you can arrange the three seats as you need to fit your space.


If you want something bigger, or with more flexibility, check out Crate and Barrel’s Miles upholstered banquette. You can get a corner unit. Just order the components separately – either left facing or right facing corner sections. They’ve got lost of colours and size options!

Miles 75" Upholstered Grand Dining Banquette Bench (Open Larger View)

Breakfast Nook Chairs

For chairs in you breakfast nook, we love these Edina boucle bistro and bar stools.

Edina Boucle Bar Stools- image 1 of 2 (Open Larger View)

Fun boucle stools add a bit of style and whimsy.

Peg Upholstered Bar Stools- image 1 of 2 (Open Larger View)

These Roadhouse Saddle Leather Stools are great!

Roadhouse Saddle Leather Bar Stools- image 1 of 2 (Open Larger View)

Bistro tables

A classic for a breakfast nook, bistro tables are popular for a reason. They fit nicely into a tight space and you can pull up chairs as needed. We love this French inspired bistro table for its classic good looks.

French Kitchen Round Bistro Table (Open Larger View)

If your look is more streamlined, we love this one. It comes in 4 colours.

Nero 36" Concrete Dining Table with Matte Black Base (Open Larger View)

Statement pieces for Your Breakfast Nook

A breakfast nook is an excellent opportunity to explore your style and show it off to your guests. Coordinating materials, fabrics, fixtures and colors brings a pleasing cohesiveness to the space. One way you can achieve this blending of styles is with your statement pieces.

Whether you prefer sophisticated or rustic or something in between, these items will get you excited about breakfast.

Crate and Barrel Glass Tilt Bowls

Though you might not want to eat cereal from them, these glass tilt bowls are great for snacks. Add some water and float some flowers or candles for an elegant centerpiece. No matter how you use these bowls, they’re sure to look amazing.

Tilt 5.5"-11" Bowls (Open Larger View)

Omri Blue and White Serving Bowl

The entire Omri blue and white dishware set is eye-catching and beautiful. If you only need a serving bowl, however, this is the one to get. The bright blue lines pop against the clean white porcelain, elevating whatever you’re serving.

Omri blue and white serving bowl from Crate and Barrel

Faux Green Hydrangea In Glass Vase

A touch of greenery is a great way to add a subtle but poignant breakfast nook statement piece. Hydrangeas are beautiful, classic flowers that look amazing in all forms of floral displays. This faux hydrangea centerpiece matches nearly any color scheme or decor pattern you can dream up, and it will look this beautiful forever. You don’t even need to add water!

faux green hydrangea in glass vase

Breakfast Nook Lighting

Even with natural light from perfectly placed windows, you’re going to need fixtures at some point. Upgrading your light fixtures is a wonderful way to marry function and form.

Ella 1-Light Polished Copper Pendant by Mitzi Hudson Valley Lighting

With elements of high design that fit any kitchen or breakfast nook, these pendant lights look great alone or in sets. The opal glass diffuser floats light dreamily into your home, the perfect compliment to the polished metal top. Ella pendant lights come in brass, copper, and nickel, so you’ll have no trouble matching your nook.

ella polished copper small pendant light

Eloise Pendant Lamp by Anthropologie

Pendant lighting is beautiful and stands well alone or in sets. The Eloise Pendant pairs milk glass with a brass base, blending vintage charm and modern appeal. The 60 watt max will bring cozy ambience to your breakfast nook.

pendant light with milk glass and a brass base

Kate Spade Prescott Semi-Flush Mount

While pendant lighting can provide vintage charm, the Prescott Semi-Flush elegantly provides crisp, bright lighting. The handsome glass bowls and polished brass fixtures are clean and minimalist. This lamp is perfect for a larger breakfast nook or one with less natural light.

Kate Spade Prescott Semi-Flush Mount

Dea Retro Pendant Light

If you like to decorate with the past in mind but vintage pieces don’t do anything for you, consider the appeal of retro chic. This domed pink brass pendant light provides brilliant illumination while not overpowering the feel of the room.

Dea Pendant Light Brass and Pink dome

Breakfast Nook Greenery

As I mentioned earlier, plants add a pop of color and liveliness to any space, and a breakfast nook is no exception. While live plants look wonderful, they can be a hassle to care for so faux options are often a great choice. If your space doesn’t get a lot of natural light, then that’s another reason to opt for synthetic.

Here are some of my favorite synthetic plants to brighten up your breakfast nook.

Pottery Barn Faux Bamboo Tree

Sometimes a faux tree is better than a real one – you don’t have to water it or worry about it growing too large. This faux bamboo tree accents a corner of your nook without dominating the space. Pottery Barn has 3 sizes, from 4′ to 6′, so you can find one that fits your life (and your home).

Pottery Barn Faux Bamboo Tree

Pottery Barn Faux Potted Ficus Tree

Ficuses are a great option for interior decorating because their cheerful, plentiful leaves compliment almost all decor styles. This faux ficus tree stands 4 feet high, which is the perfect size for a cozy breakfast nook or dining room.

Faux potted ficus tree

Faux Potted Corn Stalk Dracaena Plant

If you like a more relaxed, tropical feel, this faux corn stalk dracaena plant will fit right in with your aesthetic. Standing at 57″, this piece is a bit more dominant, but its beautiful splash of green should liven up any area.

Faux Potted Corn Stalk Dracaena Plant

Breakfast Nook Style

Breakfast nook decor can certainly be built to fit any style. While a traditional space with benches, pillows and soft lighting might be great for some, others prefer a minimalist, decluttered design. Whatever breakfast nook decor you choose, it’s easy to create a space that reflects your personal style.

Here are some of our favourites (click on any image to order):

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