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Among other things, design is a point of view.

The discipline of design is not confined simply by the world of interior design. Influences in fashion, architecture, film, art, theater, photography, travel and cuisine, and not too surprisingly, music all play into the designer's perspective. My point of view is one that is also influenced by history, culture, strong family connections, and by my clients.

So here lies my blog, dedicated to revealing the internal narrative that informs my perspective on design. I want to share with you my point of view on the fine art of creating a home ... of living with dedication to function and to beauty.

I hope you enjoy the read.

Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps. The sleeper must awaken.

Frank Herbert
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If you’re in the process of selecting a new countertop for an upcoming kitchen or bathroom renovation, you know that choosing all the materials can be both fun and overwhelming. We get it! It took us years to be able to select materials with ease and confidence. Just learning to read the undertones of the materialsRead More (…)

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Storage is a never ending challenge whether your home is large or small. One pet peeve of any designer is clutter. I am no Marie Kondo, but I do like to see utilitarian things kept together where I can find them, but out of sight. Clunky black remote controls for instance, are not objects ofRead More (…)

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Moms need some love this year more than ever! As mother’s day approaches, I think of the ways life has changed and how much extra has landed on our shoulders. I don’t have little ones any longer but boy I can only imagine… Homeschooling and playing schoolyard referee aside, just the increase in household demandsRead More (…)

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DIY projects are great! If you’ve ever completed a home design project, then you know what I’m talking about when I say there’s nothing like the feeling you get after completing a long-awaited transformation. You’ve worked hard and you get to bask in the complements and the glory of a job well done. But itRead More (…)

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Whether purchasing custom drapes or buying off-the rack, deciding which drapery header best suits your room can be overwhelming as there are so many options. Before you pick the header, first you have to determine the function you want your drapery to serve. Custom drapes can be expensive so choosing a style and fabric thatRead More (…)

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8 ways to know if modern glam is your style. Here are the tell-tale signs that this is your style and how to achieve the look.

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Mother’s day is a day we set aside to celebrate the moms in our lives and let them know we appreciate them. As my own mother ages, I find I get more nostalgic about mother’s day, and it will be here before we know it!  When I first became a mom it shed new lightRead More (…)

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Having a rooftop garden or terrace is a bonus in the city. That bit of secret or stolen space can make all the difference in the summer months. This year even more-so, having a safe private space to enjoy some fresh air or socially distanced entertaining is a real bonus. Rooftop gardens are more popularRead More (…)

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Minimal – romantic – natural – modern! A simplified pared down, relaxed version of traditional, this style is popular for many reasons. Derived from a new found enthusiasm for all things organic and farm fresh, a need to disconnect from reality during these heady times and simplify, or a general return to traditionalism in theRead More (…)

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I think I can safely say that cottage weekends are going to be sweeter than ever after this long period of isolation. With travel still being discouraged, hot nights, campfires, and late night swims are all I can think of some days. Pick the right cottage bedding and you’ll enjoy the best sleep of yourRead More (…)

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