Your foyer is a great place to introduce your style and set the tone for the rest of your home. Here are some simple yet effective styling options that will elevate the look of your foyer.

Ground your foyer

A console table or a bench, along with large baskets or vases help to ground the space. These items are not only aesthetically pleasing but functional and are able to store items such as umbrellas or slippers and anything that you may want to grab when going out the door. Placing items that vary in height and width at the bottom of a console will create balance and visual interest. If your console allows, placing a bench or two stools underneath will help fill the void below. Select ottomans that fill this area in and provide guests a place to sit while putting on shoes

sketch of a foyer with a bench, mirror, and a tree

Elevating your foyer

Above the console, artwork or a mirror help to elevate the space, bringing your visitors eye up. You can be creative and select art pieces of varying sizes, arranged in an eclectic way, or simply use a large eye-catching piece. Regardless, ensure that the artwork or mirror is not wider than the width or the console table or bench.

If your foyer looks dark, using a mirror instead of artwork will help to bring more light into your entryway, allowing the existing light to reflect and brighten the space. It is also useful for a last minute quick appearance check before heading out the door.

foyer with cabinet, large round mirror and two lamps

Illuminate your foyer

Adding a lamp or two is a great way to add height to your console table, but also allows you to set the ambiance when entering your home. Don’t be afraid to look for lamps with texture or pattern, as this will add interest to your console table. Candles are also a great alternative to using table lamps and when lit, create a cozy and warm atmosphere.

In addition to a lamp, add some greenery! Plants are an inexpensive way of adding colour and life into your foyer. Placing the plant into a decorative planter or basket is another way to add texture to your console.

sketch of a foyer with a console, framed artwork, candles, and a vase with branches

Below are a few vignettes and some pieces we selected to get you started on styling your foyer.

vignette of console with mirror, lamp and vase

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vignette of a console table, two lamps, black and white abstract painting

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console tabel with ridged frame-mirror, two lamps

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