By the time you’ve remembered to write 2018 instead of 2017 in your cheque book, designers and creatives all over the globe have sent out their style predictions for the new year. By now, you all know how I feel about trends. But after the Interior Design show this year, over at Judith Taylor Designs, we are most excited to see these 9 trends materialize in our client’s homes! We’re sharing our favourite design trend predictions, plus how you can implement them in your spaces.

2018 Interior Design Trends

Black is the new Grey

On the walls, framing your windows, cabinetry, furniture – black is asserting itself this year! White kitchen cabinets and white walls have totally taken over the Instagram world and many designer’s feeds, and while they are still beautiful, they will be making way for black to move into a place of prominence.

Here’s a great example of a sleek but sexy black kitchen. I think the lighter coloured flooring is key to keeping the look from getting too heavy.

gray modern kitchen with island, bar stools


Or if you are more of a traditionalist, you could try something like this:

modern kitchen, wood flooring, marble countertops


Colour in the Kitchen

If black isn’t your thing, two toned kitchens with bolder colour are coming our way. The good news is they make clean-up easier and add heaps of warmth.

HOW TO IMPLEMENT: Paint your lower cabinetry, or your kitchen island a bold colour and paint the uppers white and bright. We are seeing more colour blocking isolating and anchoring the range and hood area as a focal point with colour. Not a fan of colour? Black is the other way to go for a dramatic change.

modern kitchen, marble countertops, gray cabinets


Move Toward Warmer Wood Tones

Remember the honey coloured woods of the late 90’s early 00’s? Well they are going to be returning in 2018. The move towards warmer, lighter wood finishes and stains are like a breath of fresh air after grey-washed everything. Warmer woods play well with saturated colours like emerald, navy and deep yellow.


  • Furnishings like Dining table, credenzas, side tables, coffee tables
  • Trims and mouldings
  • Wood flooring or wood alternatives like Vinyl, Ceramic tile, etc.

gray room, wood flooring, wood furniture, abstract wall art

Graphic Patterns & Oversized Florals

With Tile

By the end of 2017, white kitchens felt like they were one foot out the door. Make way for graphic patterns, oversized florals and a lot less of white-on-white-on-white. Graphic tile started popping up in kitchens as backsplashes, in powder rooms as focal points and in laundry rooms to bring more visual interest to otherwise ho-hum spots. Whether Spanish-influence, or modern and graphic, a sprinkling of patterned tile throughout your home lends an attention to detail, otherwise lost in 2017.

With Wallpaper

We think that wallpaper is going to have a major moment in 2018, particularly floral wallpapers. But, these are not your grandmother’s florals. Long gone are dainty leaves and small blossoms. 2018 is all about larger-than-life blooms that become the star of your space. Oversized botanic beauties bring the outdoors in, no watering can necessary.

HOW TO IMPLEMENT: The trick to pattern is to use it wisely. Too much pattern becomes an eyesore, but too little won’t achieve the graphic impact. Think carefully about how and where you’d like to implement this trend by keeping the rest of the elements in your space more towards neutral.

modern kitchen, checkered flooring, island with bar stools


bedroom, wood flooring, floral wallpaper


These aren’t your grandmother’s florals. Really! 

dark room, dark floral wallpaper, white flowers

SOURCE | Ellie Cashman Design

Dramatic Saturated Colour + Texture

Bye-bye baby-coloured pastels. We predict that moodier, deeper, and more saturated colours will take over 2018. Greige, Beige and other -eige’s look lack-luster compared to the powerful punch of deep orange, ultraviolet (Pantone’s colour of the year), forest green and teal blues.

HOW TO IMPLEMENT: If you have a room full of the grey trend, don’t worry, it is easy enough to perk it up with some jewel tones or moody hues in accent pillows, throws, accessories and art.

Here’s one that has it all! Black, warm wood, patterned tile, colour – what’s not to love? 

modern kitchen, wood grain cabinets, island, bar stools

SOURCE | Joanna and Chip Gaines 

Mix and Match Finishes

Gold, bronze, nickel and acrylic are all welcome in 2018! Getting creative with kitchen and bathroom cabinet hardware and fixtures is an exciting trend for us designers. Instead of everything being matchy-matchy, we are looking forward to designing spaces for their overall aesthetic. 

HOW TO IMPLEMENT: Repetition is key here – but not always! If you already have a stainless faucet in your kitchen and you love it but want to update your room’s look consider brass hardware – or this year’s trend – black! It’s okay to mix it up. You might want to have one stand-alone piece that brings in a different finish to the room like pendant lighting. We prefer to keep the sheen the same so it doesn’t look like old with new but even that isn’t a hard and fast rule.

gold accented cabinet handlesblack cabinet handles

Modern Millwork

Architectural details, mouldings and woodworkings will see a definite resurgence in the new year. Go beyond walls and give the ceilings in main living spaces some special treatment. A little can go a long way in creating visual interest and drawing your eye through a space. In your head you may be thinking of old-world wainscotting. Per the contrary — treat millwork like oversized art or the oh-so-popular statement wall of the 2010’s. Bonus points to painted woodwork in a delicious saturated tone!

HOW TO IMPLEMENT: Start with one room or even just one wall. A dining room feels extra cozy with a coffered ceiling. A bedroom is a great place to feature millwork and create a subtly focal wall with panel molding.

Art deco influences

Nearly 100 years after it’s height of popularity Art Deco influences bring rectilinear shapes and lines to wallpaper, textiles, rugs and lighting along with all the glamour that era suggests.

HOW TO IMPLEMENT: Keep it small for now. A light fixture reminiscent of the era might be a good choice if you are thinking of updating.  …or add a feature wall of wallpaper in a geometric pattern that speaks to Art Deco to get the mood going.

white art deco inspired wallpaper


Curved forms in furniture

green art deco inspired furniture


green art deco inspired chair

SOURCE | Kravet

With Art Deco influences everywhere, curved furniture makes a natural companion. Furniture forms we are seeing are more plump than those we saw in the 1960s showing puffy, curved and plump shapes often upholstered in solid coloured plush fabric.

Let’s implement some of these design trends in your space in a way that won’t leave you caught up in a time-zone! The Judith Taylor Design Team would love to help you bring your interior design vision to life.