These long summer days are fleeting and should be all about relaxation and creating memories with friends and family. How many summers actually turn out that way? It’s already August and only now have I managed to take some time to really enjoy.  

Even though it feels late in the season, that doesn’t mean the summer is over! We still have time to get away for vacations or staycations. Maybe a cottage visit?

Source|Canadian House and Home

The cottage is an important part of Canadian summers. That is often where we make so many of our prized memories.

When we are invited to help with a client’s summer place, easy living options are our mandate so the cottage goers can focus on more important things like afternoons spent lazing on the dock, or curling up in a hammock, or going for a paddle in the lake.

Source|Canadian House and Home

Design wise, the ideal cottage “style” can offer cues to slow down (as if fresh air and a jump in the lake isn’t enough). A style that offers no fuss and easy relaxation fits the bill. The last thing we want to be concerned about is upkeep. When at the cottage, we want family and friends alike to be surrounded by comforting items like big throws, and chairs they can sink into. Our aim is to keep the space simple, easy to care, comfortable and of course stylish.

Source|Canadian House and Home

Clean-up should be as breezy as this kitchen.

Source|Canadian House and Home

Now, maybe you don’t have your own cottage but you’re lucky enough to have a friend who wants to host you. The best! But now the pressure is on to be a good guest. Step 1 of Good Guest Protocol: A gift they will really appreciate!

We have all felt that pressure to bring something lovely. Something that the host will be thrilled to receive and you enjoyed buying for them. Something design-wise is great.

Did I just set the bar even higher? No worries! We have pulled together some options that will amaze your host! Stay with me to the end of the post, I’ve gathered some great options.

Just looking at this breezy bedroom gets me thinking of dreamy nights on my next trip out of town.

Source | Canadian House and Home

So here’s a list of a few great ideas I know I’d be delighted to give or receive.

Cottage Gift Buying Guide

1. Terrain Reclaimed Wood Serving Plank – $198 USD

Serving platters come in handy and are often the items we forget to buy ourselves.

2. Crate & Barrel Bocce Ball Set – $199.95 CAD

Everyone will have a ball with a chic bocce set!

3. Williams Sonoma Taste of Europe Cheese Gift Crate – $99.95 

You could supply the cheese night! This spread is great inspiration.

4. Williams Sonoma Cork-Lid Beverage Dispenser – $79.95

A convenient and useful gift that also looks great. Perfect for water during the day, and sangria at night.

5. Williams Sonoma Craft Beer BBQ Set – $29.95

If you’re only going up for a BBQ and bringing the meat, why not bring some added flavour?

6. Pendleton Star Wheels Blanket – $399 USD 

A cozy throw is always appreciated.

7. Terrain Marble Edge Serving Board – $88 USD

The marble adds a touch of sophistication. This is great if your host is only a little bit rustic.

8. Crate & Barrel – Breville Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker $449.95

9. Williams Sonoma Margarita Glasses, Set of 6, Multi-Color – $89.95

A kistchy gift that is a ton of fun!

Enjoy your stay 😉

ps. If you think this is a hint that I’d LOVE to work with you on your cottage – you’ve got that right!

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