Most homeowners stop at a single window treatment like side panels or shades to cover their windows, but the magic happens when you layer them together.  This look takes your room from just okay to stunning. The layers add depth and dimension to the space and allow you to control the light in your room.

Want an elevated, designer level home?  Here’s the secret: Nothing will elevate your home more than professional window coverings. Drapes are usually installed towards the end of the project, and every time we oversee an installation, I am impressed all over again at what a dramatic difference they make. Once they are installed, the room is fully dressed.

Today I’m sharing five of my favourite window treatment combinations that will elevate the look of any space…

1. Pair Linen Drapes with Sheer Drapes

Beautiful linen drapes are as classic as you can get. But don’t stop there. Instead, layer them over sheers for an elegant and timeless look. 

Sheers, by the way, are not the sheers you may have seen in your grandmother’s house in the ’80s. They still filter out a not-so-lovely view and softly diffuse light, but the similarity ends in function. Today’s styles for sheers are an entirely different look. This layered look allows full light control or partial filtering when you still want some brightness and natural light in the room. 

We used this double-layered technique in this Old Mill condo where the homeowner wanted to mitigate glare during the day and privacy and room darkening at night. 


2. Couple Drapes with Roller Shades

Drapes and roller shades are a budget-friendly pair if you want the beauty of folds of fabric gracing the sides of the window but need privacy at night. You can layer side panels to add colour pattern and softness and the simple roller blind for function.

A black-out blind is the best choice to darken a room. Then you can choose some beautiful side panels. We like to choose softly textured side panels in a complementary colour for the drapes or go bold with a pattern. There are many lovely textured roller blinds, and white is not the only option (although still a classic) and a rock-solid option. 

Select a pattern or texture for either the drapes or the shades and something simpler for the other. You don’t want the two to compete for attention.


3. Layer Sheer Roman Shades with Blackout Drapes

The reverse of the first solution is to use sheer roman shades with blackout curtains for function. The draped layers of fabric that make up a roman shade can give beautiful light filtering softness to an otherwise angular feature. The side panels add softness and function for a luxe look. This is a great place to apply the high-low approach. 

Many drapery panels are available through retail suppliers like Crate and Barrel, West Elm, or Etsy. Roman shades may need to be custom-made for your window dimensions for the best fit. First, match your shades to your drapes and the wall colour for a minimal contemporary look. Then, break it up with a pattern for a more traditional leaning.


4. Combine Blinds with Drapes

My personal favourite is traditional blinds with side panels. The combination of wood blinds and patterned or simple linen drapery panels is classic that suits any style room. 

I love this technique because it allows you to beautifully frame the view while providing all the function you need. It is a luxe look that never grows old or looks dated. 

White blinds look great with just about any drapery fabric if your window frame is white. However, if you prefer the look of natural wood blinds, select a fabric with notes of the wood tone in the pattern or weave, or choose the wood stain on the blinds that complement your fabric best.

5. Match-Up Curtains with Shutters

Shutters on your windows are a step up from wood blinds and give a built-in or custom look. These can add value to your real estate listing in some areas so they are worth considering if you might be selling down the road. 

When you add drapery panels together with shutters, make sure that your drapery and rods extend far enough beyond the sides of the window to allow the shutters to open during the day. 

If you need a professional eye on your windows, be sure to reach out to us now — we fill up fast!