More often than not, homeowners come to us and tell us they don’t really have a style or don’t know what theirs is. If you have read many of my posts, you will know by now that I am not a fan of putting people into boxes or categories. But there is a lot to be said for understanding style sensibilities and finding similarities. They help you achieve a look that has unifying elements to anchor the integrity of the design.

Let me start this post by saying when it comes to having a style, you do, and it’s nice to know you are in the company of others who appreciate the same things. Do you need to be a slave to that style – heck no.

Let’s dig in.

Warm Organic Modern for Your Interior Design

Warm organic modern is a variant of contemporary style is easily identified by its light airy aesthetic, organic shapes, clean lines, and a simplified unfussy aesthetic. It can be both contemporary and modern but it shares those distinguishing features.

It combines the best of modern design, with a dash of Scandinavian flair and lots of natural craftsmanship. Think cozy, comfortable neutral spaces with well-crafted fixtures such as hand-hewn wooden beams, clean lines, and natural textures and fibers.

This style is loosely inspired by the aesthetic values of Frank Lloyd Wright and his concept of continuity. Wright was known for using materials that should feel like part of the landscape and creating dwellings that enhanced the connection with the landscape. He featured and emphasizing natural materials, and craftsmanship in his work.

Here are 8 signs this is your signature style:

You love clean architectural lines

In structures, the hard lines of materials in the built environment create the perfect backdrop for this style. Exposed beams, and structural elements add to the overall aesthetic in your view.

You don’t love a cold and austere modern home

You believe clean lines and a modern aesthetic doesn’t have to mean a cold character-less space. This style is warm and welcoming like a cozy wool sweater on a cold day, or a cool breezy linen dress on a hot summer day.

Too many straight lines make you anxious

You much prefer the softness of curves and soft shapes inspired by nature against those clean architectural lines to a machine-made aesthetic when it comes to home furnishings.

Your favourite colour is neutral!

Often crisp white surfaces contrast with natural materials and neutral colors in this style. You are not opposed to a punch of colour here and there in pillows and artwork but the large surfaces (walls) and the large furniture pieces are usually white or neutral.

You appreciate natural materials

Homeowners and designers accomplish this look by starting with a modern framework and use natural materials, textures and fibres throughout the interior.

Highly crafted furnishings made of natural materials that include stained elm, bamboo, and sea-grass are the key to success in this room below. The coffee tables are a great example of nature influencing design. Organic shapes resembling rocks shaped by years of riverwash stand in as coffee tables, hence the name “organic” modern.


You love the outdoors – even when you are inside!

Large expanses of glass are prevalent in this style. A love of nature can be enjoyed year-round and this passion drives the design of a home to achieve the best light and most flattering views.

You appreciate a hand-hewn aesthetic

Wood beams appear to be cut entirely by hand, chiseled stone, all provide a refined rustic context for softer furnishings.

You prefer texture over pattern

Soft, nubbly, hand-woven, natural fibres in muted hues are the signature of this look.


Here’s how to achieve warm organic modern design

This style is best achieved through striking contrast between linear aspects of a home, and curvilinear elements in furnishings. By featuring furniture pieces with softened rounded lines and moving away from the stark clean edges prominent in modern design an organic soothing mood is created.

Interiors contain largely neutral elements and hits of bold color, and they focus on the basics of line, shape and form.

If you like this style, you are drawn to a more minimalist approach, focusing on creating a space that is uncluttered yet comfortable and welcoming.


A palette drawn from a rocky seashore will repeat colours found in nature for a pleasing result. Feature tone-on-tone color palettes relying heavily on neutrals: earthy hues, taupe, cream and pure white. Pops of color can be used on a single feature wall, in artwork, or in a feature rug. Furniture tends to provide a quiet neutral backdrop to the art or rug.


Pick pieces that feature smooth surfaces and clean lines – without any carving or adornment.

Choose silhouettes that are curved. Wood furniture is typically (but not always) in light-colored woods like birch ash or maple and birch.

Metals have a minor role in this look – think of organic light fixtures in forged iron.


Use leather, wool, linen, and cotton – natural fabrics and fibres (or their look-alikes) for their textural aspect and their inherent neutral hues. Color can be introduced into the design for accents with pillows, a rug or a throw, or artwork.


Lighting is used to provide a sculptural accent in a modern interior, often mimicking natural shapes such as branches. Dark or patinated metal works best to provide function and form without sparkle and shine which would look out of place.

Use recessed or track lighting to draw attention to featured art and accessories, but keep it sleek and minimal – the same with recessed lighting Emphasis should be on what is being lit not on the source of light.

A few gorgeous inspiration photos below showcase the best of this style.


If you’re still not sure whether this is your style, take our quiz!