Traditional design incorporates comfort with styles from multiple aesthetics and periods of time. The result is pleasing, plush, and comfortable without being or overly ornate. Imagine a huge comfy four-poster bed but with modern furniture and 19th-century lighting – elegant but not stuffy.

The traditional design style works especially well in older homes that still have original molding, doors, and windows. You can incorporate them into your overall aesthetic without the room feeling dated.

Since you want a guest room to be inviting and comfortable, traditional design is a great fit. It allows you to use elements of the rest of your home’s design in a way that isn’t chaotic or confusing. Utilizing rich colors, fabrics, and softness, a traditionally decorated guest room will make your friends feel welcome and relaxed.

What follows are some of my favorite pieces for a traditional guest room design. I’m confident you and your guests will love them as well.

My standard disclaimer: Please note, some of these items may be offered through affiliate links which means I could get a small commission if you order. That will never influence what I find lovely and want to share with you. I always offer suggestions I would buy for my home or recommend to a client. Also, rest assured it won’t affect the price you would otherwise pay.

Traditional Beds and Guest Room Bedding

The bed is the focal point of any guest room since it’s going to take up a lot of the space. You want it to be beautiful and comfortable, and traditional style focuses highly on these aspects. Think big and soft – something so deliciously comfortable you could sink into it and sleep for days. The base of these big comfortable beds should be wood tones, with curves instead of angles – traditional style is anything but minimalist, so don’t be afraid of softness.

Devon low profile standard bed

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This gorgeous piece is solid mahogany, accented by upholstered cushions perfect for sitting up and reading before bed. The low profile still has some clearance underneath for storage if necessary, which is often welcome in a smaller guest room.

Tall Fillmore bed

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Though it lacks the ornate frame of other beds, this piece exemplifies traditional style with its plush, tall headboard and throwback flower patterning. The base and headboard are soft and luxurious, making it the perfect focal point for your guest bedroom.

Walt bed

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You’ve probably never seen a bed quite like this, with its angled headboard and fully custom fabric choices. This Walt bed can truly be designed to match your current style, or it can be the point from which you build a guest room. Solid oak design and sophisticated-casual in execution, this piece will leave your guests impressed and comfortable.

Guest Room Bedding Ideas

Do you long for the relaxed comfort of a beautiful Italian hotel? You can bring some of that Italian sophistication home with this crisp, 300-thread count sheet set, available in 5 distinct colors.

Chambers Cane Duvet cover

Exemplifying softness and sophistication, you can find yourself sinking into the timeless beauty of these covers. Posh, comfortable, and beautiful, your guests will have to choose between staring in awe and sleeping soundly at these 300-thread count percale linens.

Traditional Lighting Design

Because traditional style blends aspects of different centuries and designs, you can add flashes of sophistication without needing to bend every element to a particular theme. One place to add some flair is with your lighting choices.

You want to avoid track lighting or anything that smacks of industrial or modern design because these elements don’t feel comfortable. Rather, go for something with a classical feel – chandeliers are a great fit here. They look wonderful without dominating the room and provide the perfect amount of light for a smaller space.

Seychelles Chandelier

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Hand-cut sea glass beads hang from woven hemp to create an elegance that wouldn’t be out of place in any room. The beads refract the light, enhancing it without being harsh. It’s truly a gorgeous piece for any guest room.

Etoile chandelier

Simplistic design can fit traditional rooms when it’s tastefully accented, like this chandelier. The starbursts below the lights are beautiful and ornate, but you might not see them initially. With the handmade paper shades covering the bulbs, this piece creates a glowing illumination that is comforting and warm.

Emmaline 6 Candle

Curvy elegance and candle lighting give this chandelier the perfect elements to fit into your traditional guest room. The antique, Edison-style bulbs and arms offer the charm of the 1900s but the black minimalist design fits well with any aesthetic.

Ingrid table lamp

With a bit more of a contemporary design, this table lamp provides style and function. Its unobtrusive design matches well with any theme, and it illuminates even larger rooms quite well.

Guest Room Furniture

Adding furniture to your guest room will make it feel homier and inviting. Many often make the mistake of putting “extra” pieces in there that don’t fit the rest of your home; we certainly don’t want this! Take the time to choose soft, comfortable, timeless furniture to give it the traditional design you want.

Parker 52” bench

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Thick-woven fabric makes this bench soft yet durable, and it comes in a large variety of colors. It’s perfect for sitting underneath a window, sipping coffee, and reading on a rainy day.

Maxwell side chair

A traditional twist on a mid-century bistro chair, this thick-fill, ultra-cushioned chair is the ultimate in customized comfort. With an array of colors, fabrics, and hardware accents, you can truly craft your perfect piece of furniture. Have one handy for your guestroom.

Harbour Cane nightstand

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This piece is crafted from hardwood, with hand-made rattan mesh on the top and bottom. Breezy doesn’t begin to describe the effortless feel of this end table. Topped with glass to protect the gorgeous weaving on top and bottom, you’ll probably want to snag one of these for your master bedroom as well.

Driftway 3-drawer nightstand

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You’ve never seen a piece like this anywhere. Adorable yet perfectly functional, this 3-drawer nightstand is wrapped in painted, sanded linen. This creates a subtle textured effect that really is one of a kind. It’s the perfect size for visitors to put away their clothes without being overly bulky.

Additionally, it can double as an end table or nightstand, which I love.

Rugs for a Guest Room

Traditional design loves a wood floor, but it can be cold in the winter. Choosing a beautiful rug not only feels better under your feet, but it can tie a room together. Soft patterning looks great with any décor, creating an accent that sits peacefully in the background (or on the floor, rather).

Whitely Patterned Rug

The soft blues and tangerine accents of this rug provide modern construction with a vintage feel. Hand-crafted in a variety of sizes, you’ll find the perfect dimensions for any space. The fabric is durable but wonderfully plush to walk on as well.

Winn Hand-knotted rug

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The patterns on this rug are wonderfully decadent without being obnoxious or obtrusive. Botanical designs are accented by hand-knotted emphasis that brings a lot of texture to your guest room.

Comfort and elegance come together in traditional design

Your guest room doesn’t have to be a bare-bones affair. Traditional design allows you to make a comfortable yet impressive space that anyone where anyone would love to stay.

Soft curves and plush fabrics mix well with pieces from different periods. Think of comfort and consider combining styles from the rest of your home – comfort is king, here. With these items as inspiration, you’ll craft a guest room that begs for visitors.