I admit I made a career mistake that lasted 18 years.  I learned many things from my old career in Information Technology that I have applied to my new one.  Not a moment of it was wasted.  Some of my organizational skills and other worthy talents were honed in the IT department.  But it wasn’t my passion. I believe it is never too late to begin again, especially if it is something you lie in bed at night dreaming about.  Since I was 6 or 7 years old I have always loved art, colour, drawing and design.  I grew up surrounded by people who valued craftsmanship. Sure it took longer to finish. Yes it required patience and expensive materials – but then you end up with a piece that will last and continue to look beautiful as it ages. I really live by that belief. So welcome to our first interior design blog – 18 years late, but worth the wait.

At the end of the day shouldn’t you love where you live?

Here are some beautiful examples of craftsmanship and form:

decorative gray dining chair with wood grain legs sitting in a white room

What I love about this piece are the organic curves and the simplicity of the form and how these emphasize the beauty of the materials in this Morph chair by Zeitraum. Isn’t it lovely how quietly graceful the silhouette sits?

A close cousin adds comfort for a longer sit. I’d close my eyes and never get up.

art deco light fixtures with white shades above modern table with gray chairs, wood grain legs

I always look at context and in this case, context says it all.  Materials taken from nature, manipulated into organic curves by hand, create sculpture as fitting in this setting as in an eclectic room.

So there it is. Welcome to my blog. I will continue to sit and chat from time to time about some of the great finds I come across as well as trends as I see them heading our way. Who knows what other topics will come up.

Let me know what you think, and tell me a bit about yourself….