The holiday season puts me in the mood to celebrate! There’s really nothing more special than celebrating the joy of the season with the people in my life. Before the gifts are open, I love the excitement that fills the air as I await their reactions to the gift I thoughtfully selected for them. 

The earliest Christmas I can recall was when I was five years old. I woke up early on Christmas morning in my grandparent’s grand Georgian home. I headed downstairs on those hand-polished oak floors, and hoping no one was looking, I would climb up on the banister and slide down, trusting that the round newel post would catch me at the bottom. 

Then, I would sneak through the French doors with their bevelled glass, into the parlour, a room definitely not for kids, except on big occasions. I stood and gazed wide-eyed at the twinkly lights on the tree while I hoped with all my might that Santa may have heard my longing for a “Chatty Cathy” doll. And he had! (Thanks, mom!)

I always remember how excited I was, and now I love spreading joy with thoughtful gifts.

I have selected some items I hope will bring comfort and joy to a few of the people in my life. Take a look at the ideas I’ve found for the whole family! There’s a link in case you want to order any of them for your loved one.

Cozy Pleasures

Perfect For: Mom


A humble gift with well-intentioned thought will hit home. I know first-hand how you can feel chilled to the bone if your toes are cold and never warm up. So these yummy slippers will surely be on her feet the minute she opens the box. Find it here.


Perfect For: The Techie

Look at all the great colours!

Pick a vibrant colour, or go with classic black. These wireless earbuds are a great choice for on-the-go music lovers. Grab it here.

Portable Espresso Maker

Perfect For: The Traveler


What’s not to love about a hand-powered espresso maker that delivers the perfect shot with a dense layer of crema every time? In addition, the ergonomic design was made to fit comfortably in your hand and takes up minimal space in your travel bags. Purchase it here.

Festive Candle

Perfect For: The Homemaker


Keep the scent of the holidays alive whether your tree is or not (nobody’s checking, wink). Fresh, woody notes of mountain pines warmed with honeyed tones of mimosa fill the night with sparkling stars. A great gift whether you are entertaining a crowd or a party of one! Get it here.

Cube Stone Puzzle

Perfect For: The Guy Who Has Everything!


Whether you need something to do with fidgety hands or just like to puzzle, this colorful stone cube has you covered. Buy it here. There is always someone – a work-mate, or a brother-in-law you just don’t know what to buy them.

A gift from the heart, selected with a bit of thought, will bring joy to you and your loved one.

If a consultation for your friend’s home may be the perfect gift, reach out to us, and we’ll get that all set up for you! We can switch out a holiday ribbon on our boxed gift card just for you!

Happy gifting,


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