I worked in the corporate world for twenty years in Information Processing as a mainframe computer Programmer/Analyst. Now if that wasn’t enough to get you snoring, let me tell you a bit about how exciting the decor of my workplace was … there. I’m done! I know large corporations hire office design firms to co-ordinate colours, materials, and to optimize productivity and work flow … but really? The result typically is devoid of even a whit of personality.

A while back I helped my husband furnish and appoint his office. After a couple of moves I suggested he buy furniture and personalize his professional work space.  You can see photos of his office here http://localhost/wptemp/projects/bay-street-office-2/

Even then, we were constrained by the surroundings, and I’ll admit it still looks quite officey but that suited him just fine. Regardless, I really think it is time work spaces became a lot more personal and expressive. You spend a significant amount of your time there. Why shouldn’t you love it?

So here is a beautiful chair I came across that delivers comfort with a flare to a work space (contact us if you’re interested). This lovely chair can be finished in any colour and upholstered in any fabric you can imagine. And the best part? It’s super comfortable.

photo 1 (3)

What a lovely office to call your work place from nine to five.

photo 4 (1)

A recent study agrees with us. (A survey by the British Council for Offices)   http://www.archh.com/blogs/13/how-office-interiors-increase-work-productivity/

I still recall the early days of casual Friday at the office. Management thought a dressed down approach to the work place reduced productivity. I couldn’t disagree more. If anything, distraction from pantyhose (ugh), high heels (ouch), and a working girl wardrobe was eliminated. I always viewed Friday as a “let’s roll up our sleeves and get down to some real work” day.

Don’t you think the more inspiring your work space, the more productive you would be?

Source: contact our studio if you would like to order one of these lovely pieces.