No question about it, this Mother’s Day is going to be different. No hugs, no going to Niagara-on-the-Lake for brunch and tours of wineries (my favourite tradition), and no French toast in bed, unless you are lucky enough to have your mom live with you right now.

It is going to be tricky to make mom feel special.

I don’t know about where your mother is, but mine is in a senior’s residence. It is a lovely place and they have done a wonderful job to protect their residents from this pandemic virus but still, let’s call it like it is: She’s an inmate, confined in her own home. Fortunately for us, she is in remarkably good spirits about all of this. A few zoom calls have certainly helped.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Here are a few ideas to help you treat your mom special:

Breakfast In Bed

I know I said this would be difficult, but hear me out here.

Was breakfast in bed a tradition in your family? It sure was for mine. What better way to spoil Mom than to give her a beautiful tray with some fresh baked pastries served on beautiful dishes, a linen napkin, and fresh flowers.  It’s the simple details that make this so special and a perfect way to kick off Mom’s special day.

If you can’t be with your Mom, you can order a beautiful breakfast from her favourite restaurant and have it delivered to her door! Add in a new juicy novel you think she’d enjoy to bring her a reason to relax in bed and sleep in a bit longer.

A few other ideas:

  1. A gift certificate for a spa day would be appreciated, for her enjoyment at a later point.
  2. A gift certificate for a mother and daughter professional photo session, or one with the entire family will give her a keepsake she will treasure forever.
  3. Plan a mother/daughter post-pandemic weekend get-away to give her something to look forward to when this all ends.

…or why not give her one of our gift cards. They are typically used for a one-time consultation which can held be on-site (if conditions and geography permit), or delivered digitally. We can see the space and meet via a virtual zoom meeting and help someone you love with their design dilemmas. This comes in an elegant gift box, or can be sent digitally. They are great for exploring ideas. We can help with suggestions for colours, styling, furniture arrangement, or any pressing questions.

Email us to order a gift card for someone special

If none of those ideas suit you, it’s always nice to have a present for her to open to add a focus … a sense of occasion. Something to elicit excitement in the moment. To help all of us since going out to shop isn’t an option, I’ve put together some gift ideas for you. There is a range of options, some inexpensive, a few are not (you know me – I like some pretty stuff – really pretty!)

Timely deliveries and back-orders are going to be a problem so I suggest you get an order in right away if you see something for someone you love, and especially for yourself. I know you are all going the extra mile right now to cook and care for family. I have my eye on a few favourites;) So why not treat yourself to a little something pretty? Click on any image below to see more info and order.

Any of these would be sure to bring a smile.

Please reply and tell me what your mother’s day tradition is and what you will be doing this year. I’d love to hear.

*** My standard disclaimer: Please note, some of these items may be offered through affiliate links which means I could get a small commission if you order. That will never influence what I find lovely and want to share with you. I always offer suggestions I would buy for my home or recommend to a client. Also, rest assured it won’t affect the price you would otherwise pay.