It’s no stretch to give the illusion of more visual height with these 11 tips

Most people dream of having high ceilings in their home. But there are some real downsides. Rooms with high ceilings are difficult to heat (remember, heat rises); they pose challenges with sound and light control; and the expense of painting is often more than double. Window coverings are costly and even adding artwork is more expensive. Rooms with lower, more modest ceiling heights can be warmer, more intimate and in better proportion to human scale. Not to mention that changing a light bulb is much easier. Just pull out a step stool. Try that with a vaulted ceiling!

How to Make Your Ceiling Look Higher

Frank Lloyd Wright was known for his Prairie-style homes where he often used low ceilings intentionally. He designed the rooms to be wider to compensate by creating a strong horizon line. The use of horizontal lines in design is a strategy that can create a more restful space. We respond to horizon lines. Just picture an ocean scene with a horizon line where the ocean meets the sky! Lloyd loved to create a deep connection to the environment and the outdoor spaces. With the right furnishings and decor, you can balance out the proportions of your room and make any ceiling feel just a bit taller.

1. Opt for Furniture that is Low and Horizontal

If you are fortunate enough to have a spectacular view, and connection to the outside like this, it will amplify the effect dramatically. If you don’t have a great view, low furniture will still maximize the perceived height of your room.


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2. Keep Window Coverings Simple

Notice how connected this space feels to the garden? Seeing the expansive outdoor space makes this low-slung living room feel equally spacious. This trick works especially well if you’re right at ground level, and can accommodate a length of floor to ceiling windows.

higher ceilign in kitchen

3.Keep Lighting Flush

In a contemporary home with a modest ceiling height, use flush-mounted lighting to keep the look clean. This approach will create the appearance of more headroom.

4. Use Uplighting

Notice how the ceiling seems to float in this photo. Bouncing light off the ceiling creates visual height. Sconces, cove lighting and even affordable torchieres can deliver this effect. This is a great technique especially for basements.


5. Patterns and Stripes

Any girl knows that vertical stripes can be very slimming and give the illusion of height. Put this technique to good use to create the illision of height in your room. The effective use of stripes in this narrow bathroom makes it look even taller.
Patterned drapes are also a great choice. They lead the eye up to give a feeling of increased height. What makes this strategy effective here is the absence of competing patterns. While you’re at it, keep crown molding proportional.
pattern drapes for higher ceiling look

6. Draw the Eye Up

A custom detail at the top of drapes also provides the same effect of drawing the eye upwards. (This is a great diy project. You can add trims to any ready-made drapees to give a custom look.)
custom detail on top of drapes

7. Use Vertical Displays

This grouping has an uplifting effect. By taking even just a few pieces all the way to the ceiling, you can increase the appearance of height.
Even a grouping of small frames arranged vertically will lead the eye upward and create more visual headroom.

8. Consider High Gloss Ceilings

This creates an optical illusion of endlessness. “stretched ceilings can give this mirroring effect .If a ceiling like this one is too dramatic for your taste, try high gloss or semigloss paint instead.

9. Introduce a diagonal

Did you ever notice how a staircase railing invites your eye to wander upward, giving lift to a room? A painted diagonal or a decor element that creates a diagonal line will offer the same effect.

10. Run paneling vertically

Like stripes, paneling that runs vertically reinforces height in a space.

11. Expose your structure

In condos, the expectable drywall ceiling is taking up few inches that you may not want. Above it is a concrete ceiling that, when exposed, will give the condo a more industrial vibe and a bit more visual headspace. Basement renovations are great candidates for exposed structures, as are top floor bedrooms. Remove these and your room will instantly feel taller.
Do you long for higher ceilings?
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