We are sharing our tips to help you select the best white paint color for your room!

Have you ever painted a your trim or your room, excited for a fresh crisp update only to find it looking dingy or grey? …or perhaps it looked stark and bright, not the sophisticated look you had in mind at all!

If I had a dime for every time a client asked me for my tried and true white paint color…well, let’s just say I could buy a pretty fancy coffee from Starbucks for myself and my entire team (Venti no less!).  The other question that rivals this one is what sheen do I use?

The popularity of white rooms does not seem to be diminishing.   Whether it’s the fresh, clean backdrop that white promises or it’s neutral flexibility there is no denying that the appeal of white spaces is as strong as ever!   If you search the internet for “the perfect white paint color” you will be inundated with advice.  There are over 144 white paint color options…and that’s just from Benjamin Moore!  It’s no wonder people are stressing!! Don’t worry, I have made the mistake of getting the color wrong. Learn from my mistakes and save yourself the agony! If you want to know the best whites, and our tips on which to use for your project then read on.

Not to worry though…I’ve got you covered.  Let’s take a look at a few of my favourite whites and what you need to know before choosing the white that’s perfect for your home.

The Round Up of my 5 Favourite Whites:

five paint colour chips

Chantilly Lace (OC-65)

This is my baseline white, the whitest white against which all other whites are measured.  Here it provides a crisp, clean backdrop against which color pops.  This is the perfect “art gallery white”. Notice the abundance of natural light in this room!

living room with green chairs blue sectional and white walls

Designer Tip:  White needs light to shine!  Consider how much natural light your space actually receives.   Contrary to popular belief white doesn’t bring in more light; it only reflects the light that exists in your space. If you paint a dark room white, you may notice that it looks dingy and drab because it calls attention to the shadows in your space. 

Cloud White (Benjamin Moore CC-40)  

Cloud White is a creamy off-white that works well in a variety of settings.  Here it creates a soft envelope that combines beautifully with the textures and faded finishes of the furnishings and is repeated in the throw, lampshade, ottoman strapping and bed coverings.

bedroom with blue sofa at foot of bed and off-white walls

Designer Tip: Painting your walls white is no different than painting your walls any other colour!  It is important to repeat the colour in a significant way elsewhere in your space in order for it to look intentional and pulled together.

White Dove (OC-17)

This fellow is a soft off white with the tiniest hint of gray. Although technically an off-white, it is less yellow than Cloud White but slightly darker than Simply White. Now…imagine if this room was painted a clean white like Chantilly Lace…. The muddier tones in the area rug and accessories would look wrong …dirty, by comparison!

Designer Tip: Creamy whites work better with an earthy palette; Cleaner, crisper whites work better with brights and jewel tones. Mixing the two can make your earthier finishes look dirty…never a good look.

Simply White (OC-117)  

A beautiful warm white it is brighter than Cloud White or White Dove without ever being cold.  Here it works perfectly with the off-white quartz counter and subway tiles to create a cohesive white on white palette.

Designer Tip: When choosing whites for your space, COMPARE COMPARE COMPARE!!  Alone, even the creamiest white will just look white. 

Oxford White CC-30 

Oxford White is a crisp bright white that does not contain any blue, yellow or green undertones.  It has slightly more pigment than Chantilly Lace and can be used to achieve a variety of moods from serene to dramatic!

Designer Tip: It is important to identify the existing whites in your space (i.e. flooring/ cabinetry and furniture that is not changing).  They all have different undertones and do not all play well together!

So there you have it…five of my “go to” whites and some tips for helping you choose the best one for your space. White can definitely be more complicated than it seems!  And if you need some additional help, I am always here to help you simplify the process and choose the color that will make your space (and heart) sing!

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