The black hole that can ruin any room design is the bane of our existence, also known as the tv. Or at least it was, until we got so many people asking what they can do that we dug deep and came up with a few good solutions for you. We have some great options and one new purchase recommendation that might just change your life. Links are included for you to order with ease.

Decorating Around a TV

When we talk about hiding the tv, in reality, the goal is to visually subordinate it. Here are a few ideas for making your tv look welcome, or even disappear, in your decor.

  1. Use a TV lift. TV lift mechanisms allow you to store a flat screen inside a customizable cabinet, integrated in built-in cabinetry, in the footboard of a bed, or even inside your ceiling.
  2. Mount it on a dark wall. If you choose a darker colour for the wall behind the tv it will blend in better than on a white wall.
  3. Create a gallery of photos, artwork, and frames. Mount the tv within a gallery wall for a great effect.
  4. Disguise it behind art.
  5. Mount it inside a cabinet.
  6. Consider a projector. Some people mount a drop-down screen on the ceiling and project the tv onto the screen.

The tv lift mentioned above looks like this (below). It is fairly easy to affix it inside a cabinet and the tv can disappear when you don’t want to see it. Touchstone (shown here) has a good reputation and is known for it’s whisper quiet operation. You can purchase it through the link below the picture.

Buy it here.


If you’re not into a high-tech solution, a great piece of furniture can house both the tv and all of the peripherals that go along with owning a tv. Whether you have a cable box, apple-tv device, or a Nintendo console, having a tv usually means having stuff you want to store along with it.

Here are a couple of options:

This media unit comes in a few different colours and finishes but the beauty of this charcoal finish is that the tv disappears into it. It would be great for a family room. Pro tip: paint the wall behind a dark colour so you don’t wind up with a white frame around the tv.

You can read more about this piece and order it here:

For a smaller living room, I also like the slim look of this tall cabinet below. The tv is there when you need it, and out of sight when you don’t.

Read about it and order here.

Another handsome option for a narrow area is this one. Although it doesn’t hide the tv, with its black accents it ties in with the tv making it look more integrated in the design.

More info, or to order this unit here.

But, I’ve been saving the best for last. Have you seen the new Samsung Surface tv? It is a designer’s dream come true! Sleek with no visible presence other than the screen itself it sits as flat as can be. The secret to this solution lies in the integrated artwork display it can showcase when you are not binge-watching netflix (’cause I know you are;)). By night a tv, by day (or when entertaining) it looks like a piece of art on your wall. What’s not to love about that?

This first one is 43″. It comes with a Samsung collection of beautiful art, expertly curated, and packaged with the Bevel frame with several choices of finish. The tv comes with pre-loaded artworks from world-renowned artists

Samsung Frame tv

You can order one right here. They are in high demand and run out quickly but keep an eye on this baby. It’s going to fly off the shelves.

Here is a 65″ version of the same tv if you want something larger. This tv will blend in anywhere.

Samsung Frame tv
Order it here.

*** The required standard disclosure: Please note, some of these items may be offered through affiliate links which means I could get a small commission if you order. That will never influence what I find lovely and want to share with you. I always offer suggestions I would buy for my home or recommend to a client. Also, rest assured it won’t affect the price you would otherwise pay. I often get early notice of sales so you may benefit when that happens too.