Designing your home office to make for a productive space is important; not only do the pieces have to look great, but they also have to fit your needs. They need to be functional in your space. This is key to being efficient in your workday.

Home Office Design Tips

The overall style of your office should flow with the rest of your house. Adding warm colors and wood textures can work well with a contemporary house. A modern house may have more modern elements like metal, and grey tones. No matter what you love, remember to have the style flow continuously throughout the house. You wouldn’t want to feel shell shocked every time you enter or leave your office. 

Must Haves:

A home office must have a couple of key pieces of furniture. These key pieces are what you’re going to want to invest in. This includes a great chair. The chair should be:

  • comfortable
  • ergonomically correct
  • but also beautiful. Don’t settle for anything less!

Another key piece is your desk. Obviously, this will be where you are spending most of your time. 

Evaluate what space you will need and what type of storage you need. This will determine what your desk will look like. Make sure you get one that fits your needs, but still looks amazing!

A standing desk is a great option. It is adjustable so that you have the option to sit and stand. 


This is something people often forget about. When decorating a space, adding small accents that reflect your personality will not only help make the space feel like your own, but it will also complete the space.  


When you have an office, lighting can be imperative. Make sure you pick a light fixture that makes a statement, but also gives off the right amount of light for your space. Added task lighting can be used as a beautiful decor piece, but make sure it also allows you extra light when you need it. Ring lights or soft boxes can be great for virtual meetings. 


Adding plants is another way to bring some outdoor touches to your office. Get plants that can survive within your space. Although real plants have air purifying properties, faux plants can also work. Adding that pop of green can help put some finishing touches on your space.  

Desktop Wallpaper

Have an inspirational wallpaper to brighten your day. Having this to look at will help keep your spirits up during this difficult time. It could be pretty, or funny, but it should make you smile. 

Wall Decor

Add some details to your walls to finish up the room. Things like art, clocks etc. can finish the space. Another tip is to add a piece of art where you can easily see it. It will allow you to always see something that makes you happy. This works especially well for offices without any windows.  A nature scene works well but just pick something that brings you joy.

Here are some favourite artwork picks for inspiration. Click on any of the pieces to get more info and order.

This sweet office set-up would beckon you to work in the morning…

We’ve made it easy by including a shopping list of a few items we have suggested (or similar) to help with your home office set-up. We have found some lovely accessories to style your workspace. If we got it right, you won’t want to go back to the office (shhhh).

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