Do you remember always being told you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression? Well, it’s true! Set the stage for a good first impression by styling your entryway and picking a stand-out front door color. For some, that means a cheery greeting, but if your style is more elegant, or you have a flare for a bit of drama, you might want to choose a darker shade.

I’ve picked out my favourite darker hues and a couple of blacks. Nothing looks dressier and more dramatic than a deep saturated hue in a glossy finish. The hardware (mailbox, doorknocker, handles, etc.) stand out like jewelry for a great first impression.

Here are some of my favs:

Rich Dark Green

First up is green. It’s a great backdrop for holiday décor against red brick if you like to hang a wreath or garland. This perennial favourite is classic year-round that won’t fight with your plantings if you have a colorful garden. We’ve chosen two favourite greens.

Farrow and Ball’s Studio Green, a deep saturated blackened green gives a rich welcome

Studio Green

Front door showing Benjamin Moore Studio Green paint colour

Carriage Green

Similar is Farrow and Ball’s Carriage Green. It is a retired color but the formula is still available by request. It is close to Studio Green above, but with a hint less black in it. So if you want a more definite green, this is a great option. Seen here on the The National School House in Melbourne, it’s striking against the stone and brick exterior.

Front door showing Benjamin Moore Carriage Green paint colour


Hale Navy is probably the most popular of Benjamin Moore’s deep blues for good reason. This classic navy doesn’t shift to green or purple but stays true navy.

Hale Navy

Front door showing Benjamin Moore Hale Navy paint colour

Newburyport Blue

If you prefer a blue that is a bit brighter but still in the navy family, Newburyport Blue is a great go-to front door color. Pretty against a New England clapboard or white siding, this is a versatile blue, bound to please.

Front door showing Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue paint colour

Deep Purple

A less-often considered front door color, this is one of my favourites. Nothing looks richer against yellow or orange brick than a deep, saturated, regal purple. Just look how gorgeous brass sits against it! Choose a purple on the blue-side or a more red-purple, depending on your preference. I just love this color for a front door.

Blackberry Punch

Front door showing Benjamin Moore Blackberry Punch paint colour

Dark Basalt

Dark Basal has a bit more red in it than Blackberry Punch. If there is a bit of a greenish undertone in your brick or siding, the red in this purple will complement it beautifully.

Front door showing Benjamin Moore Dark Basalt paint colour

Of Course, Black!

Last but not least, we have true black. Black, whether it is jet black or a slightly softer black-ish is a striking dramatic front door color that will always be a classic.

Wrought Iron:

Wrought Iron is a soft black with a slightly greyed cast. Great for a modern farm-house this hue complements wood-tones and is set off nicely against white trim or siding.

Front door showing Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron paint colour

Iron Mountain

An even softer black, Iron Mountain is a great choice if you want a charcoal front door. With a softer classic, the landscaping and plantings are the star of the show!

Front door showing Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain paint colour


When you want the blackest of blacks, this is our go-to black. It is so dramatic you are bound to recieve complements. Be sure and opt for a high gloss finish for added drama!

Front Door showing Benjamin Moore Onyx paint

So there you have our favourite dark front door colors. You can’t go wrong with a dramatic front entry.

If brighter hues are more your things, you might want to read about our favourite brighter front door colors.

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