Point of View


Among other things, design is a point of view.

The discipline of design is not confined simply by the world of interior design. Influences in fashion, architecture, film, art, theater, photography, travel and cuisine, and not too surprisingly, music all play into the designer's perspective. My point of view is one that is also influenced by history, culture, strong family connections, and by my clients.

So here lies my blog, dedicated to revealing the internal narrative that informs my perspective on design. I want to share with you my point of view on the fine art of creating a home ... of living with dedication to function and to beauty.

I hope you enjoy the read.

Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps. The sleeper must awaken.

Frank Herbert
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What if I told you that pooches, blink and fluffy, all beloved members of the family, do not have to hamper your design style? With these pet friendly decorating tips for picking upholstered furniture your room will look lovely for years to come! Design isn’t about beauty alone! Function first is always our mandate. Let’sRead More (…)

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Warm and saturated hues lead the new colour trends! Just like in fashion, colours in interior design run in trends, and that is a good thing. Much like in fashion, colour trends in interiors allow us to design, furnish, and accent spaces in hues that are readily available in the marketplace. If not for that,Read More (…)

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Statement pieces in your guest room should draw the immediate attention of everyone who enters the room. These are pieces of decor that stand out and shout what your aesthetic is about. This is about more than choosing an area rug or loud piece of art; it’s about setting the tone for your overall decorating.Read More (…)

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When small laundry room is lacking in intentional design, the chore of laundry seems just that much more tedious. Nobody likes doing laundry – in the chore hierarchy, it’s pretty much at the bottom. Maybe it’s because of the multiple steps: sorting, cleaning, folding, and putting clothes away. It’s also possible that laundry rooms tendRead More (…)

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Traditional design incorporates comfort with styles from multiple aesthetics and periods of time. The result is pleasing, plush, and comfortable without being or overly ornate. Imagine a huge comfy four-poster bed but with modern furniture and 19th-century lighting – elegant but not stuffy. The traditional design style works especially well in older homes that stillRead More (…)

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When it comes to accent ideas and decor for your home exterior, the possibilities are endless. While a well-manicured lawn and some patio furniture add to the curb appeal of your home, don’t stop there when it comes to the exterior of your home. Your threshold should be an inviting and wonderful place to entertainRead More (…)

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Modern design aesthetic at once feels organized and almost effortlessly clean all at the same time. The focus is on man-made materials, clean lines, and austerity. This doesn’t mean, however, that modern design needs to feel impersonal or cold. It can be warm and inviting if done correctly. This is especially important when it comesRead More (…)

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The need to work remotely has forced many of us to get creative with our home office space. It’s rare to have space available for both an office and a guest room, but if you need both, you’re in luck. Combining the a shared office and guest room space is a lot easier than youRead More (…)

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A well-designed breakfast nook is a great way to utilize space adjacent to your kitchen. Even if you’re not a fan of breakfast as a sit-down meal, a nook can provide a calming oasis for coffee and quiet reflection. Cozy booths and informal banquettes make for comforting mornings with the family. On the other hand,Read More (…)

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Love it or hate it, laundry is an essential task to keep your household running smoothly. If you tend towards the “hate it” side of the spectrum, consider for a moment how your laundry room is set up. If it’s disorganized and messy, it might not be the chore itself you dislike, but the spaceRead More (…)

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