I think I can safely say that cottage weekends are going to be sweeter than ever after this long period of isolation. With travel still being discouraged, hot nights, campfires, and late night swims are all I can think of some days.

Pick the right cottage bedding and you’ll enjoy the best sleep of your life!

Picking the right bedding can make or break a serene night’s sleep like no other. Just look at this cozy vision from Land’s End before you nod off tonight. The dot-pattern makes me think of the night sky you can only see clearly when up at the cottage. If you want more tips for when designing a cottage there are lots of you can read more things to consider.

We’ve got some pro tips for bedding and some terrific selections you might want to jump on while the sale is still hot! Don’t worry, they are still a great buy if you miss out;)

Pro Tip 1: Storing linens at the cottage

A few tips for making your bedding last:

Air everything out. As soon as you open up your cottage for the season, take your sheets, duvets, quilts and pillows outside to air them out. Find a shady spot to hang them so the colours don’t fade. Ideally, pin the corners to a clothesline and let them hang for a bit.

Use protectors. Mattress protectors, pillow protectors and duvet covers will ensure that dirt, insects and other pests won’t affect your bedding.

Storing. When it comes to storing bedding and bath linens at the cottage, there are two main threats: moisture and rodents. A dresser drawer is a nice place to keep linens handy and available for overnight guests but when closing up the cottage for winter, we recommend putting them in storage that will keep moisture and rodents out, store them in a sturdy plastic bin with a tight lid.

Pro Tip 2: Consider a foam mattress

If you are looking to outfit a cottage, you might want to move quickly on this tip. There is an anticipated mattress shortage owing to the big freeze in Texas which shut down so many key refineries. In case the connection isn’t obvious, latex (foam) is a petroleum bi-product and is expected to be in short supply for a bit. Mattresses may be harder to find with fewer choices available.

For a cottage, foam mattresses are a great option because they come shipped in a box that is easy to fit in a boat to transport if you are on an island, or in the car, for that matter. I polled my colleagues for recommendations and a few mattresses came up most frequently on the list. I included a couple of toppers which are a great way to add a layer of softness on a firm mattress. (I’ve made it easy for you to order any of these below by clicking on any photo for more info.)

Pro Tip 3: Layer bedding to transition from warm to cool nights

There is nothing more restful than a fresh breeze off the lake on a summer’s night. But the right bedding can make or break your slumber.

Layers are the key!

There is simply nothing better for the cottage than quilts in my experience! They are simply the best cottage bedding option in my opinion. What could be cozier on an early spring jaunt to open the cottage, or a late fall weekend to catch the last of the fall colours? Perfect for layering up, surprisingly, the are the ideal weight for a summer slumber.

Pro Tip 4: Best sheets ever (and they’re on sale!)

Lastly, don’t forget some all-cotton or linen sheets. I’m a big fan of Land’s End no-iron sheets for the home but for the cottage rumpled sheets are all good! Whichever way you like it, the extra length of their top sheets means nothing ever comes untucked – a big plus in my books! No chilly toes at night!

Here’s a link to a sitewide sale on Land’s end products. Act fast, at 40% off it won’t last long.

Pro Tip 5: Discover quilts

Whether you run hot or cold, I love a light quilt for the summer. If you didn’t grow up with these hand-sewn treasures, you may not be familiar with their versatility. They provide just enough weight to feel comforted but not so much that it gets hot. Let’s face it, if we are in a heat wave, we are going to toss it all off and sleep under nothing but a sheet. The good news? If your great Aunt Violet wasn’t a quilter, you can still enjoy that homespun look and cozy comfort with a store-bought quilt.

Here are a few of my favourite quilts from ready-to-buy sources:

blue and white quilt
Order here

This one comes in red, navy, or grey.

There’s just something about a red and white quilt.

Here’s another link to the sitewide sale on Land’s end products.

Here are a few more quilts and coverlets I found. THeres’ sure to be something you’ll love.

The right bedding and a good night’s sleep will ensure your guests will enjoy their stay. If you choose well, your guests will experience the dreamiest sleep ever. Your only worry will be how to get them to go home!

My standard disclaimer: Please note, some of these items may be offered through affiliate links which means I could get a small commission if you order. That will never influence what I find lovely and want to share with you. I always offer suggestions I would buy for my home or recommend to a client. Also, rest assured it won’t affect the price you would otherwise pay.