Most people who love this bold assertive design style tend to have personalities to match and are pretty clear about a ‘more is more’ approach to life. In case you’ve ever wondered, here are some undeniable tell-tale signs that Modern Glam is your style.

1. You are a big fan of old Hollywood movies – bonus points if they are in black and white!

Modern glam evolved from the Hollywood regency decor, which got its start in Old Hollywood during the Art Deco period. The Hollywood Regency style originated in the golden age of Hollywood. Think of Jean Harlow, Carole Lombard, and the lavish Art Deco-inspired film sets created for movies during the 1930s era. The sets were created with highly theatrical accents. 

2. Your favourite colour is marble

Marble, in all its glory, is your best friend, especially in your kitchen. Pair it with anything black and white, lucite, glass, lacquer, brass or chrome accents for heightened drama and cue your entry.

You stand a little taller, shine a little brighter when next to smooth, glossy, polished surfaces.

3. You love dimples but mostly when they are found on furniture

A chesterfield by any other name is simply not the same. Chesterfield sofas named in honor of the fourth Earl of Chesterfield and then tastemaker, met the need for a furniture piece that would allow a gentleman to sit upright and remain comfortable. Often featuring rolled arms with arms and back of the same height popular styles are often upholstered in leather. Or velvet – you choose!

4. You believe candles belong everywhere – even the bathroom!

Candelabra – no question! You love the drama created by the flattering soft glow of candlelight and the sense of mystique it brings to a room. The more the better!

5. Art – you’re not just looking for a pretty picture!

You don’t take it seriously – at all! Irony, tongue-in-chic visual metaphors, bold graphic prints (Andy Warhol comes to mind), old world renaissance giclees interjected ironically, black and white photography, nudes, and anything provocative will do just fine to grace your walls. Pssst. don’t forget about gilded or antique mirrors.

6. You have an eye for ornate curvy stand-out antiques.

You can’t underestimate the tension between lucite and brass against an antique sideboard. …or Dorothy Thorpe candlesticks atop a chinoiserie coffee table. An eye for a treasure at an antique market is your superpower. Don’t have one? Get one – this is your superpower! (Ps we can help with that)!

7. Dressing for dinner isn’t even a question.

You love texture and the hand of silk or velvet. Drape the room in it any which way you can for this more-is-more look you’ll want to dress up for. Animal prints are your friend here too. It doesn’t matter what member of the animal kingdom, the organic graphic an animal print adds a bold note to any room.

8. Go bold or go home is your mantra.

Friends say you have a flair for the dramatic, and they know you best. It’s important to you to draw complements and have people say “wow” when they enter your space. You wouldn’t shy away from flocked wallpaper, bold accent walls, mixing pink with red or orange, or any other clashing colours if the mood hits, or breaking any traditional decor rules. For you, they are mere suggestions to toy with.

…and here’s a bonus sign: You would put a chandelier in every room if you had someone to dust them all!

Dorothy Draper was the first to “professionalize” the interior design industry by establishing, the first interior design company in the United States in 1923, a bold move for a woman at that time. Known for her bright exuberant work, she had a reputation for being an anti-minimalist. This piece from her work at the Greenbrier Hotel shows all her signature marks. Bold colours on the walls, black and white floors, matte white against gloss black surfaces – playing up contrast with every trick in the books.

Gorgeous elegant hotel lobby with black and white marble floors, teal and red accents
Dorothy Draper

Another designer who would fit the title Modern Glam would be Kelly Wearstler. Architectural Digest show her iconic style.

Black and white graphic entryway with tan accents
Kelly Wearstler as seen in Architectural Digest
black and white bedroom wuth chrome canopy bed, and pink chair
Kelly Wearstler as seen in Architectural Digest
pink, white, and black geometric wall tile
Kelly Wearstler as seen in Architectural Digest

Keys to success:

Antique mirrors, candelabra, vintage furniture especially anything art deco, mohair, velvet, leather, anything lush and plush next to anything polished and shiny. More is more in this stand-out from the crowd look, but that doesn’t mean clutter or many little things. Make them bold and important pieces, and have fun!

How to Achieve This Style

  1. Incorporate as much shine and sparkle using warm or cool metals (shiner the better!), mirrors, and crystal accessories
  2. Hang inspirational, sassy, or subversive artwork and you get a space that makes you want to put on high heels and pop something bubbly.
  3. Add dramatic chandeliers, an abundances of candles, vintage mirrors, a chesterfield sofa, velvet, silk, and fur.
  4. Bring in shapes and form through accessories or furniture
  5. Use timeless neutrals with bold pops of colour
  6. Create texture through fabrics such as velvet, silk, fur, or sherpa fleece
  7. Use lighting to bring drama and visual interest to the space
  8. Sofa choice: chesterfield (rolled arms the same height as the back, and typically with deep button tufting and nail-head trim – probably velvet but leather works)

We’ve picked out some things you’re sure to love! Just click on any image to learn more.

Psssssst! If you’re still not sure whether this is your personal design style, take our quiz!

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